In the beginning, there was chaos and nothingness, and then in the chaos, the spirits were begotten.  The spirits saw the nothingness and chaos, and were not contented with it. They spun the chaos, whirling it around, and soon order was spawned, and so the universe was born, as the spirits wove their patterns. In this way the whole universe is conscious and aware, for as the spirits weaved this world they became a part of it, captives of their own creation. All is of chaos, yet it is of order too, and every thing has a reason, yet it does not.

These are the paradoxes of the beginning, and yet the spirits knew that these paradoxes would need balancing. So even as they wove themselves together, they spoke to one another of those who would insure balance, or create new balance where it had been tipped. These were the Guardians, those that were first born, above all others. They would live life after life in reincarnations, as one body failed they would start again, thus keeping the balance intact as it oscillated, opposite forces tied to one another.

Their number was six, and their souls were of the elements. Upon the outer circle of these Guardians were the four; Wind, Earth, Flame and Water. These Guardians walked alone often, existing yet not remembering, for this too was part of their existence, they would keep the balance, yet not know of their power unless the balance became unstable.

It is in these times of dissonance, the Guardians of the inner circle come into their place. These two are the Guardians of Chaos and Order, and their ties to the very making of the universe make their own powers and life cycles critical to the balance.

The four had life spans like that of men, and their spirits were reborn in the same hour as death of a previous form. In this way, imbalances in these, though at times devastating, were not utterly destructive in the long run. In the scheme of things, the balance of the four was constant and was easily rebalanced. The two however, were another story entirely. These guardians of Chaos and Order had the life spans of the elves, spanning centuries at a time, and when their mortal bodies gave out, their souls spent some time walking the universe, in reflection, before coming once again to the earth, in the span of a century.

When an imbalance of the two occurs, it is a serious matter indeed, and happens only when one slays the other in careless power struggle. If balance is not restored after the reflection period of the one, it is said that the bonding of the universe will shatter, and then all would be chaos and nothingness once again. In this end, there is no knowledge, for it has not happened, and when it does, some philosophers believe that the spirits will start anew, creating their tapestry once again.

One hundred years ago, the Guardian of Chaos slew the Guardian of Order, in his greed for power. One hundred years ago the balanced tipped and the Guardians of Flame, Wind, Earth and Water awoke with the knowledge of their power. For one hundred years the Guardians have been searching in their guises once more for the Guardian of Order, so the two may reconcile, returning balance, and in these one hundred years, the Guardian of Chaos has awaited the return of his nemesis so he could finish upsetting the tipped balance. For his desire lies in the end of the universe, because in the beginning there was chaos and nothingness, and Chaos lusts for this dominance…



“A world without order is not necessarily one of war,
Complete chaos does not care to be violent, just unconnected and random.
Chaos bends and breaks rules,
Perception is everything in the chaos ruled world.
This is how our world is, though war and violence exist,
They are not the dictating factor of the flow of any thing,
In reality there is no flow.”

~ Collyn Rymor
“Our Chaos Ruled World”- The Philosopher’s Dragon, May 3254


She eyed her opponent carefully, sizing it up with a keen eye. Suddenly she draws her weapon from its sheath with ease. The two opponents circle, each awaiting the other to make a move. It leaps at her, but she sees it coming and dodges, knowing that this opponent would have not waited for her to make the first move. She lunges, the weapon flashing blue as it leaves its mark on her nemesis. It parries, such a tricky foe, but both knew it was failing, the impending doom hanging above its head.  The warrior smiles, knowing that she has just succeeded where many others had failed, so close to defeating this terrible rival. In one last effort, the other berserks, with all its last energy, but the girl’s defense is impeccable and as she blocks each blow her own weapon hit its heart and it dropped to the ground, defeated.

A voice sounded out just then, “Ten minutes remaining.” Katherine looked up and smiled. “So much for the legendary big bad calculus final.” she thought and then rose to turn in the 10-pager. She glanced at the rest of her class, some zooming to finish, some already to the last problem, others still struggling in the middle pages and still others just checking themselves. A few glared at her as she walked past paper in hand and then went back to the grindstone. This was the test that every one had whispered about the whole year and was part of the traditional senior to junior warning/advice that the previous class gave to them each year (Another thing that came with this wisdom was a note to not put hot sauce in the Activity Director’s coffee, so the actual value of the advice was more or less usually questioned and disregarded). Even so, to Katherine this had been not so challenging.

As she walked back to her desk, others were beginning to finish the supposed bane of May; some grimacing as they flipped through one last time and then taking the slow stroll up the aisle to place it on the pile on Mr. Newton’s desk. Katherine yawned after watching her peers for a bit and fished out a book from her pack. She flipped it open and read a few words but her mind was wandering far beyond the classroom. She glanced out the window, almost hypnotized by the swaying of a lone oak tree’s branches in the wind.

Then the whisper came to her, the calling of her name. “Katherine…” Her eyes darted around the room, seeking the source. She returned her attention to the window, and


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