Staring up at a starry sky,
Wishing you were by my side,
A thousand or more diamonds in patterns form,
The guardians of the night, constellations true.
I look, searching, for one that reminds me of you.
The bears roam as usual, battling Draco to eternity,
Their audience comprised of Cepheus, Cassiopeia and Virgo
The Northern Crown sits unclaimed, its jewels sparkling bright.
Scorpio is rising, I look close to find a unicorn, a creation of mine.
Still scanning the sky I look, past the Scales and the Crow,
Climbing the sky, a regal creature, proud and unafraid.
The Lion, fierce, loyal and brave, heading for a goal
He, the king of the jungle
You, the king of my heart
Looking and thinking, missing you dearly,
And now its time for slumber, with hopes that I will dream of you.


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