Quest for Almandite-1

The Quest for Almandite
(1st Edition)
By: Leah Nichole Dodendorf

Scene 1
(Starry background, grass, there is a book on the floor)

Sam O’ Brian: (walks on stage Notices book) Hmm, what is that? (goes over picks it up, sits down, opens it and starts reading out loud):

Captain Valinlor’s log 5/17/3005: The Voyages of the Starship Aura. We have finally reached our designated pick up planet of Webrog. It is here that we will take custody of Princess Lepitera, of the planet Almandite. Our mission is to successfully take the princess home, where she will be reunited with her family. Our designated route will take us through the Robuto system; the only danger there is the magical planet of Animopical. However our route won’t take us close to that.
(Captain comes on stage, with Commander and Lieutenant, Sam continues reading with her/ his nose buried in the Captain’s log.)

Captain: (to Commander and Lieutenant)Well, the princess and her escort should be here soon.

Commander Kinprinle: That’s good.

Captain: This is a pretty simple mission, provided that we don’t have any problems.

Lieutenant Jonwhit: Captain, Sir. I don’t like the route chosen.

Commander: It’s a perfectly good plan, and we don’t get that close to Animopical at all.

Lieutenant:  Going anywhere in the Robuto system is to close to it. Any way how do we know that the Animopicaleans are still on their planet?

Captain: Well Lieutenant, that is a good point but a detour will take a lot more time. Time we don’t have. The princess needs to be home for her coming of age celebration.

Commander: And how much time does that give us?

Captain: About 3 weeks.

Commander: We don’t have time to make any mistakes.

Escort: (walking on with princess behind) You people make Mistakes?

Princess: Relax, I like adventure, getting lost would be fun.

Lieutenant: Well we don’t plan to get lost, or make mistakes, not like the last time, right Commander.

Commander: Uh-huh, whatever you say.

Captain: Ok people lets get moving.

Com. &L.: TO THE SHIP!

Princess: Alright! a real spaceship!!!!

Escort: This is gonna be a loooonnnng trip.
(They go off stage, lights go off)

Scene 2
The ship
(A control panel thing is to put on the bottom of star back ground, Captain, Commander, Lieutenant, are sitting looking like they are trying to navigate the ship, Escort is standing in the corner, watching the princess, princess is looking around center stage.  Lights flip on. Sam is still there but is not part of the scene.)

Sam: Captains log 5/20/3005 we are making record time and are getting close to where we come closest to The magic planet. If all goes well we will be on Almandite by the 30th. The princess was growing restless in her quarters and in the gardens, so we allowed her on the main deck. Her Escort was pretty wary of it, but I figured that there wasn’t very much it would hurt, besides, she would probably never get to see Animopical again in her life.

Princess: So this is what a space ship’s main deck is like, its kinda boring (Sigh’s)

Commander: It’s not as dull as you think it is, just look out the bridge window. See that bluish silver Planet? That’s Animopical.

Princess: Really, What’s so special about it?

Commander: Well, it has

Escort: (interrupting) Nothing at all on it, it’s entirely made up of gas, you can’t even land on it.

Captain: That’s not true, you must have your planets mixed up, Animopical is a planet full of magic, and it’s very awesome, yet very dangerous.

Princess: Cool! can we land there? I’ve always wanted to see real magic!

Lt. & Esc. : NOOOOO!

Princess: Why not?????

Lt.: Because if we get into any problems, we don’t have the power to save are skins, you get it?

Esc. : Besides you have responsibilities, responsibilities you have to follow up on.

Princess: Yeah, I know, but why do responsibilities always be so boring? (loses interest, and walks over to control panel, and gets close to a BIG RED BUTTON) Hey what does this do????

Commander: Don’t touch that, it’s a transporter, we don’t want you getting lost now, do we?

Princess: (innocently) Oh, not at all. (Aside-to audience) Later, I’m gonna go and mess with that. (To crew) Well, I’m going to retire to my chambers. (Leaves stage.)

Escort: Wait for me princess.

The Crew: Bye Princess

Captain: it is getting late, we should head to our quarters also

Commander: yeah (yawns) night every one.
(The crew leaves their stations and leaves the stage. Princess slinks back on.)

Princess: I need a little excitement, this should do. (Steps into transporter and touches button. Cue flashing lights and alarm)

(Crew and escort run back on stage)

Escort: What just happened?

Captain: Um…. Well,

Commander: It’s like this…

Escort: Well what is it?

Lieutenant: The princess just used the transporter. And it was set to go to Animopical, we are gonna have to go and rescue the princess.

Commander: YES! I love saving people; I can show off my muscles!

Captain: Do we have to, I mean really, the natives would tear us apart.

Escort & Lieutenant: Of course we do.  We can’t leave the princess there.

Commander: Well lets go, setting course for Animopical right now.
(Lights go off)

Scene 3
(There is a weird background, colors mixed up example- pink sky purple grass, red trees, and so on. Same is still reading from the book on a fairly remote side of the stage, and the Princess is looking around in her new environment. Lights go back on.)

Captain: (off stage) Captain’s log 5/21 the search has started for the vanished princess. Although, I am very sure she is ok, I have a little voice inside me that says I better stay and watch the ship and let my crew take care of the princess. I think what I’ll do is go down with them and then come back up when they get the situation under control. They are brave people, right?

Princess: Gee Whiz, this place is weird.

(Elves skip on stage.)

Elf 1: Hello,
Elf 2: What do we
Elf 3: Have here?

Elf 1: It looks like
Elf 2: a human
Elf 3: to me.

Princess: Ok that’s is just past weird.

Elf 1: Weird?,
Elf 2: what’s
Elf 3: weird?

Princess: You are! What are you any way?

Elf 1: We
Elf 2:are
Elf 3: Elves.

Elf 1: What
Elf 2: are
Elf 3: you?

Princess: for your information, I am a princess, bow to me.

(Elf bows to princess and then crawl into little circle)

Elf 1: I have
Elf 2: an
Elf 3: Idea.

Elf 1: The Dragon is offering a reward for whoever brings him a princess.
Elf 2: We could take this one to him and
Elf 3: be rich!

(To princess)
Elf 1: Your Royal Highness,
Elf 2: we know a place that will
Elf 3: treat you like your royal self.

Princess: Really? Let’s go!

Elves: OK! (The princess follows the elves off stage as they bounce along)

(3 witches move on stage with a cauldron singing a spell)

Witches: Bubble bubble toil and trouble

Witch 1: Whoops!

Witch 2: What’s whoops?

Witch 3: We’re out of unicorn tail hair, that’s what’s whoops!

Witch 1: We’ll never be able to finish this spell with out it.

Witch 2: Yeah I know, and we really need this one to catch those elves!

Witch 3: But where are we gonna get a unicorn? They wont come near us.

Witch: hmmm.

(The crew enters)

Captain: Ok you guys can talk to them, I’ll just stay over here. (He plants himself in a corner of the stage.)

Commander: Whatever you say sir.

Lieutenant (to escort): I don’t know how I got stuck with a wimp for a captain. Sighs

Escort: I feel for you. But let’s get this over with.

Lieutenant: Good idea, (to witches) Excuse me Ladies . We were wondering if you could possibly help us find a missing human.

Witch 1:Hmmm, what do you think girls?

Witch 2: I don’t know, they would have to do something for us.

Witch 3: Yes, and we do need something very badly.

Commander: what is it?

Witch 1: Oh, something very hard to get,

Witch 2: Very Rare, some thing we can’t get ourselves.

Witch 3: The hairs of a unicorn tail.

Commander: And how exactly do we get that??

Witch 1: You go to the unicorn and ask of course

Escort: How can we find the unicorn?

Witch 2: Easy enough use this (hands the escort a compass or something to find the unicorn with).

Witch 3: Follow the arrow, when you find it bring me back some of the tail and we will help you find the missing human.

Lieutenant: thank you we will be back as soon as we can.

Captain: What was that all about?

Commander: The witches won’t help us unless we get them some unicorn tail hairs.

Captain: How long will that take?

Escort: Depends on how long it takes us to talk to the unicorn and negotiate.

Lieutenant: And before we do that we have to find the unicorn.

Captain: That sounds like it will take a long time, I better stay here and watch the ship.

Lieutenant: Yes sir. I guess I’m in charge then. Let’s go guys.

Escort: That way. (Points toward one side of stage)

(Witches moves off with their caldron)

(The Escort, Lieutenant, and Commander Parade around the Theatre and stage until they reach the stage again where they find the unicorn with a mirror looking at him/her self saying how beautiful she is. The crew approaches and halt to talk to her/him.)

Unicorn: Hallo, what do we have here? Oh! Its people, how lovely, I just love company!

Escort: Greetings! How are you today?

Unicorn: Just great, thank for asking. What can I do for you?

Lieutenant: Well, you see we came to ask you for a favor.

Unicorn: A favor? Oh yes I do love favors there was this one time that I…

Commander: Please we don’t have time.

Unicorn: You don’t have time for a story? You must be in real trouble then. How can I help?

Escort: Well you see we are searching for a missing person, and we need the tail hairs of a unicorn to find her.

Unicorn: Oh really? I’d be glad to help! but there is one thing, Could one of you stay here and talk to me? I’m really lonely.

Commander: Oh all right, I’ll stay.

Lieutenant: Thank you for your contribution to the force Commander. They will write a lot of myths about you forever.

Commander: Your welcome.

Escort: Good bye you Noble warrior.

Unicorn: Before you go take these. (Pulls 2 or 3 strands of yarn out of tail.)

Lieutenant: Thank you.

(Lieutenant and Escort leave stage, Unicorn and Commander are talking, and looking at the mirror then go off stage opposite side)

(Witches enters from side the Escort and Lieutenant left from, Lieutenant and Escort enters from opposite side they left from.)

Escort: We have your Tail Hairs.

Witch 1: Wow, you guys are fast.

Lieutenant: We aim to please.

Witch 2: Ok, we’ll be able to help you as soon as I finish this potion.

Escort: Fine with us.

Lieutenant: How long will this take?

Witch 3: A couple of Minutes.

Escort: Ok.

(Witches Move center stage, and start brewing a concoction, for added effects dry ice can be used or a colored light coming from the cauldron Lights flashing. from time to time they make like they are putting something in the mix.)

Witches: Double, double toil and trouble, those elves are so much trouble, help us spell to catch those brats and make them stop being like rats. Double Double  toil and trouble.

(Lights stop flashing and witches look into the cauldron.)

Witch 1: It is done!

Witch 2: Success is ours!

Witch 3: Just think those elves will be nice for a change!

(Escort and Lieutenant approach)

Escort: are we ready to go find the princess?

Witches: Yes!

Lieutenant: Ok.

(Witch 1 pulls out something from the pot and tucks it in her hat. The Group parades again through the audience and then go behind stage. The elves and princess come on and they come to the middle of the stage.)

Elf 1: Company
Elf 2: Halt!

Princess: Where are we?

Elf 3: We are
Elf 1: in a place where
Elf 2: we have a surprise for you.

Princess: Really? COOL!

Elf 1: Just stay right here,
Elf 2: and we will
Elf 3: bring you your surprise

Elf 1: Close
Elf 2: Your
Elf 3: Eyes.

Princess: Ok.

(Elves go off stage and return with the dragon.)

Elf 1: Ok, Dragon Sir, Madam, we have the princess you wanted,
Elf 2: Give us the treasure.
Elf 3: Yeah the Treasure, the treasure

Dragon: Let me see the princess first.

(Dragon walks over to the princess, she sees her and walks over and pets him.)

Princess: Oh my gosh! A dragon! Nice dragon oh your so cute!

Dragon: I am not a pet.

Princess: WOW! It talks. I’ve always wanted a talking dragon.

Elves: OK! You have the princess, give us the money.

(At that moment The Escort, Lieutenant and Witch come on stage they surround the elf, the princess, and the dragon.)

Lieutenant: Freeze right there, all of you.

Princess: Oh hi guys, how you doing?

Escort: Get over here this instant young lady.

Princess: Gee Whiz, you really know how to wreck someone’s fun don’t you.

Elf 1: Ok on the count of 3 we split,
Elf 2: 1,
Elf 3: 2

Witch 1: (interupting) O little elves look what I have, (Pulls the ball put of her hat.)

Witch 2: A Nice present all for you.

Witch 3: Just come and get it

Elf 1: Shiny!,
Elf 2: Pretty
Elf 3: I want it, I want it!

(The elves walk towards the ball and as they touch it they start singing and dancing all over and then go off stage.)

Witch 1: Was that what it was supposed to do?

Witch 2: You know I’m not sure.

Witch 3:Its going to get annoying

Witch 1: Oh well.

Witch 2 Let’s go get them.

(The witches go off stage the side the elves went off.)

Escort: That was interesting. (Stares at side of stage the witch went off on.)

Lieutenant: Your telling me.

Escort: Lets go.

Princess: Wait! Can we take the dragon with us?

Escort: I don’t think your parents would like that.

Dragon: Please, I’ll bring my treasure with me, and it’s rather dull here.

Escort: What do you think Lieutenant Jonwhit?

Lieutenant: Well I guess, Oh by the way you can call me Jade.

Escort: Ok Jade, Why don’t you call me Peter?

Lieutenant: Sounds Great to me, Peter. (to her watch or communicator) Captain, you can come and get us now, over.

(Lights go off and the scene is changed back to the ship.)

Scene 4
The Ship
(Trash is littered all over and the Captain is sitting in the middle of the floor in the middle, Sam is still reading and is eating something.)

Valinor: Captains log: um What’s the date? Well any way , while my crew was parading down on the surface I have been up here guarding the ship and relaxing. I haven’t been this relaxed for a while.

(Lieutenant, Escort, Princess and Dragon enter and see the Mess, and go into shock.)

Lieutenant: Oh my goodness captain, what did you do to the ship.

Captain: I um, well you see.

Escort: This place is a pigsty

Princess: This is worse then my brother’s room!

Lieutenant: I’m sorry captain, but in this situation it is my duty to take over as captain of the ship and demote you to cabin boy. The Dragon can be Lieutenant, and Peter can be commander.

Captain Jade Jonwhit: So now commander, Set a course for Almandite.

Cabin Boy Valinlor: But!

Captain Jonwhit: oh and Valinlor, clean up the bridge.

Valinlor: Yes Captain.

(Lights go off and scene is but back to starry sky.)

Scene 5

(The stage is clear and only sam is sitting in the corner still reading, she/he is on the last couple of pages of the book)

Sam: Captain Jade Jonwhit’s Log: 6/5/3005: We have finally reached our destination of Almandite. Amazingly we have managed to get here only 5 days off schedule even with the management change and our little detour trip. We are to meet Queen Aroo and King Weert later today on the ground.

(Jade, Peter, Lepitera and the dragon come from one side while the King and queen come from the other.)

Lepitera: Mom, Dad! , (She runs to him the dragon comes forward behind her.)

Queen: Oh darling, I missed you! (hugs)

King: I missed you too. And who is this fine reptile?

Dragon: I am a dragon and I have brought gold and jewels for your treasurery your majesty.

King: Thank you very much.

Lepitera: Can she/he stay with us Daddy?

King: Well,

Queen :of course she/he can stay, Right  Dear?

King: Yes of course.

Queen: Now lets all go to the castle and you can tell us all about your Journey.

All: Ok

(Everyone except Sam goes off stage the way the king and queen came from.)

Sam: (standing up) Captain Jonwhit’s Log: And so ended our Quest for Almandite, full of adventure and excitement, and a Princess who just wanted a little fun.( Turns last page) The End (closes book) WOW! That was an awesome  book, It felt like I was really there Its amazing where books can take you, I’m  gonna show this to all my friends!

Curtain Call.



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