The GB Man’s Adventure

The GB Man’s Adventure

Characters = 5
(Cindy, GB man, Bertha the Fairy, Little Red, and the Wolf)

GB Man :Yo! I’m the GB Man. It stands for Gingerbread, not gross bread, Green Bay, or Gory Blood, although I would prefer the latter. Once upon a time A big bad wolf baked me and my homies. I managed to escape, however my counter parts, weren’t so lucky. Since then I’ve been running and seeking revenge. First step is becoming non edible. (Morgan walks on.)

Cinderella : Stupid prince Charming. He got me locked in Repunzels Tower again. I am so sick of that loser. I can’t believe he cheated on me again, I mean really, I’m Cinderella, what’s she got that I don’t?

GB: Hey girl, wuz up?

Cinderella: Ok, you’re just weird. I’m not gonna talk to you.

GB: Hey, I’m nicer then I look, and my only problem is I’m made of Ginger bread, At least I think that’s my only problem.

Cindy: Ok whatever.

GB: So any ways I’m THE GB Man, who are you.

Cindy: The princess formally known as Cinderella. Just call me Cindy.

GB: Well Cindy. Ok um do you have any idea how a Ginger Bread man can become real?

Cindy: well Pinocchio had a Fairy. Let’s ask my fairy godmother. Yo Bertha!

Bertha: (extra)(walks on) What?!? I was getting my legs waxed. What do ya want?

Cindy: do ya think you can change GB man here into a real guy?

Bertha: Nope he has to perform an act of heroism to do that. Now leave me alone.

GB: But! (She or he is already off)

Cindy: come on lets go I know some one who needs a hero, grab that ax. (They walk off)
(From opposite direction comes Little Red and Wolf

Red: For the last time, I will not sell you my grandma’s house.

Wolf: But Red.

Red: It was bad enough that you ate my grandma.

Wolf: Red really, she let my Ginger Bread man get away.

Red: I said no, and I’m glad your Gingerbread man got away.

Wolf: Why I oughta. (Grabs Reds wrist)

Red: Let me go you big bully.

(GB and Cindy walk on.)

Cindy: there get him with the ax.
GB: (Takes ax and swings it at Wolf. It only nocks him out.) Yes! Revenge at last.

Red: Serves you right. Thanks a bunch. (Stares at him weird) What the heck is happening to you?

Cindy: Your like changing!

GB: (Looks at him self) I did it! I’m a real person now!

Wolf: (gets up): What happened? , Who am I?

Cindy: Well, um

Red: Your,

GB: You don’t remember what happened pal?

Wolf: no? Who am I?

GB: Your Gordon a little pig, and you just tried to kill your self, man.

Cindy: You should really get some help.

Red: Some psychiatric help.

Wolf: Yeah, well that’s a good idea. Thanks a bunch. (Walks off)

Cindy: So what’s the Moral of the story.

Red: (Looking off where the wolf went.) Um… How about never mix fairy tales?

GB: That’s a good one.

Red: So let’s do the Moral thing now that we got one.

Cindy: Ok, So the Moral of the story is…

All: Never Mix Fairy Tales



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