How the Softfoots Stole the Shire-1

How the Softfoots Stole the Shire (Temporarily)… Part 1

The first chapter of volume four of the Softfoot family history somewhat details how the Softfoots stole the shire… temporarily. Me da, Grigory Softfoot wrote the account rather poorly… I feel its time to rectify this mess of a story. In the next few issues of the Tater, I will tell the story of the original theft, and how you too can steal the Shire.

Fredegar Softfoot, me granda was a rambunctious lad (hard to believe that eh?) In any case, he and his brother Drakil (yes, Drakoe was named after our great uncle… don’t squint at the paper that way it not good for your eyes.)

The two grew up in Standelf, a small town in the south of Buckland and played in the Old Forest where they learned the arts of stealth and creeping about, hide and seek was a trainer of great things. The shire was a simpler place in those days (it was around 1238 SR when they were children), shire law worked as it should, kids could be kids and no one winced at a few pies missing, or a shaved neighbor cat. (Grandmumsie always did say we reminded her of someone when we were kids)

Ah Grandmumsie, Standelf’s own Lily Bunce, a flower in bloom at that time if one believes what they hear from their aging grandfather. In any case, that’s far too much background for now, and a little much information to absorb, do yourselves a favor and ask your grandparents about how the shire was like when they were young to get the “feeling” of the story.

To be continued..

Meril Softfoot


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