1-A Faux Beginning

The wind blew softly through the trees of the druid grove near the elven city Arta Alcar Meilikki. Aysel the planewalker sat in the center of the great circle of rock totally still as mist began rising from the ground under the silent moonlight.

Images ran through her head. Things were happening in the planes, an echo sounded through them as if they could split at any time. The beginning of the echo was hard to pin point… she saw scenes, Karl the Fallen Vortex Guardian leaving his order with his sister…Blood of hobgoblins gnolls and hobgoblins pooling in a dark sea.. and an image she knew well it was a faux start to a stream of events that was quickly becoming a river.

The little goblin was so helpless as his breed tends to be, but something in his soul had touched the planewalker, thus so she promised him her protection, another strand of the weave of the planes connecting to her own. Soon after she felt that thin strand being pulled at and found herself running to the desert, Karl was chasing the little goblin, weapon brandished.

She paused in her reflection and wondered if she had been a fool to protect him from the feline and invoke his rage. No. If she hadn’t it would have been just an extra loss: the life of the goblin.

After that face off, after she had stood in front of Karl called his rage and lusts upon herself. It was a beginning of sorts, not a true beginning, Karl had been ruthless before, this was certainly not a turning point for him, just a grabbing of his attention.

She shook her head a little as the wind picked up, howling quietly past her. Since that beginning he had begun threatening people, getting them to bring him components, nothing he couldn’t retrieve himself, it was a tactic to stir fear most likely—One she had fallen to herself not in fear for herself but fear for all those she had come to love on this plane.

She exhaled sharply and took a crystal from her cloak. Treated Fey dust that she and Torin had paid a heavy price for. She had been a fool to try to face him with the crystals with her. But if she hadn’t he would have just gotten it by other means, and her friends may had suffered by her own inaction. How many were going to suffer because she had taken the crystals to him though? Her thoughts swirled around in her head questioning herself and her motives and she found herself thinking of the Temple of Pelor again.


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