2-Deception and Desecration in the Desert

When she had taken the crystals to him she had no intention of giving them up without answers… but he had thrown something at her… essence of medusa or some such concoction and she could not move save to loosen her hands ever so slightly so he wouldn’t cut off her fingers to get to the crystal she had in her hands. He made no effort in covering his trail after leaving her petrified in the desert. Following his train led her to the temple and as she watched, cloaked in magic and illusion, he summoned demons and as he forced them to kill themselves… the evil power washed over her, nearly giving her away. He left then… cackling in his power.

The power concentrated there… it was horrendous and alive, as she sat in the grove thinking on the events that had led to her meditation the darkness that was so alive still made her grow cold. After that sensation things had gone so fast, she emerged from the basement to find the Priestess of Pelor still on the ground, she was cold, and then suddenly warm and then a Demon came from her body. She tried to fight it but nearly fell and fled, ran as fast as her legs and magic could carry her to the Laughing Rogue, finding herself face to face with Torin and a drow… of all things a drow, she sighed a little and fell from the strain on her body, deciding at that moment to toss aside her feelings for his kind and hope that Torin knew him well enough to extract help from him, they would need it. Torin helped her up and to a chair and after a few sips of wine she began to retell the tale of what had occurred in the desert.

Aysel grimaced to herself, remembering her frustration and her feelings that she might have prevented disaster by not taking the crystals to Karl. Remembering how foolish she was to have gone alone instead of bringing allies to face him. The conversation she had carried with Torin before the gathering of the fey dust, what the queen that might have been would have done. Had she known what was to come and be discovered after the battle at the temple with The Planar and the Dark One she might have not been so hard on herself.

They made their way back to the temple to fight the demon and the legions of the undead that it unleashed, Protheus (the drow), following quietly after in the shadows and the Monk and Planewalker pretending not to notice that he had come after all. The battle was long, and at the end, the doors to the chamber where the evil had began were sealed, and summoning circles of the fey crystal remained until broken. The temple was desecrated and Pelor was banished from it, leaving only a void: a place for the undead to breed.


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