4-Shadowing the Summoner

The rain let up and Aysel’s mind cleared of the images that she was recalling. The stone of the druids stood in front of her and hummed quietly with its power that had built since the druids first used the grove. She slowed her breathing and her own heart beat, tuned her hearing into everything going on around her. The deer were grazing on the grass, a faint wind was moving the leaves—the trees whispered slowly in their strange complex tongue. The birds sang their small choruses; she focused on this, making out the words and feelings. She smiled for a moment and then an image hit her psyche much like an arrow hits a target.

The Fallen One was in Saliva’s Tavern threatening Artemis and Bugadesh and the whole establishment. She felt the strings of the planes vibrate slightly… it was not a time to fight, but a time to observe. Karl was keen in sense and would easily see through ordinary invisibility or be able to smell her, even the spell that came to her from the plane of air was not going to be enough to conceal herself this time. She opened her eyes from the vision and felt around in a pouch she carried on the inside of her cloak. Her hand felt the cold hard charm and she nodded to herself. The spell on it would last her long enough to watch him, though she hated to let the resource go. She placed the dark tearshaped stone on her forehead and faded into the darkness of the forest making her way back to Greenrock.

She walked through town quietly, no one heard her steps, felt her breath, smelled the scent of the rain and forest that surrounded her, nor saw her at all. She walked and saw the slightest details heard whispers of people in their homes, merchants quibbled with customers, Papasan was preying to his god as usual. Aysel closed the excess sounds out and soon enough she was standing outside of the Tavern. Taking a deep breath she opened the door and found the Fallen One looking straight at her… but not, after a sharp breath she realized that he did not see her at all. She made her way to the corner and watched the scene play out. Nothing of substance here… just his typical empty threats he seemed ready to take the whole of the tavern down.. if it hadn’t been inside the city he would have.

He was about to leave when he came towards the corner she stood in… she held her breath and he shook his head. Bugadesh and Artemis just looked on as he sniffed the corner and walked out, then shook there heads afterwards. Aysel paused for a moment wondering if she should pause to speak with them for a moment and shook her head she followed him out the door and once again through town to the training grounds.

She listened as the Feline cast his spells and assaulted the straw dummy with his halberd, she dare not open the gates and give herself away by any means. Soon enough he emerged, and Eorindel Ngaramgil watched as the fallen monk left the area.

She reached out outside the spell and spoke into his mind quietly:

So many eyes are on him now… it does not surprise me yours are as well…

The two followed the cat, Aysel wrapping the effect of the obsidian teardrop over Eorindel. He went into the gipsy camp and the two elves trailed after, seeking cover of a nearby tree as the cat took out a velvet bag, opened it and nodded to himself, slowly ascending the long staircase.

Aysel looked to the other elf and they spoke for a while in whispers for a time until the cat came back down, taking a crystal of the enhanced fey dust from his velvet pouch, using it to summon a pit fiend and he spoke to it:

Tell the commanders I am almost ready…

Aysel muttered under her breath as the fiend consented and went back through its gate, and Karl teased Uzza about the fey dust… ambling back through the woods.

“Come on Eori… and try to be quieter this time… the spell won’t hold much longer” He nodded slowly and the two followed after him quietly, keeping a safe distance between the cat and themselves. Through the forest and Greenrock, past the fort and into the desert the two elves shadowed the lion man, and watched him take a drink from the oasis then fill a flask of water from its sweet clear springs. Then into the desecrated temple.

Aysel looked to Eorindel and he nodded slightly and he went for the other door, the two entered the temple simultaneously and watched as Karl gathered up some undead and set them to guard the entrance to the basement then disappeared within.

Eorindel examined the whole of the temple, only having heard of the extent of the damage, and then tried to enter the basement, only to fall to a powerful force field. He got up slowly and backed away from it, just in time to meet the first of a swarm of demons and undead that began flooding the temple through several summoning circles placed about the temple.

Aysel strung her bow quickly and sent arrows flying as she backed away from the incoming hoard, then unleashed the power her travels through the planes had engraved on her soul, storms of ice, arrows made of pure fire, magic and acid struck the invaders as Mielikki’s servant struck true with his Riddle of Steel. The battle went on as the swarm kept coming and the earth beneath their feet trembled and they found themselves retreating, running back through the desert and past the fort until they came to the bridge before town, standing together they looked out across the expanse of forest.

A whisper of wind spoke to the Elven Guardian then, as Aysel looked out with an expressionless face but tears in her eyes:

There will be a time soon that no one believes her, and almost no one stands by her.

The elf looked out at the forest and then back at the planeswalker then whispered back to the wind:

I will stand with her.


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