5-Investigation of the Temple by Moonlight

The vibrations of the earth ended almost as suddenly as they had begun in the desert, and later that night Aysel found herself wandering back through town, into the Foster Castle, and weaving her way past the ants to the desert.

She felt strangely safe in those tunnels, the ants shuffled around taking no notice of her thanks to some pheromone she had bought from the herb store some weeks ago when she had thought to search the tunnels for other reasons. Those didn’t matter now… her curiosity and will drove her to see what had happened to the temple after the demons finished their work. She finally reached the tunnel out and the light of the full moon glowed softly overhead, she smiled briefly at that, Celestian was with her just as the light of the moon and stars were. She crept slowly through the sands, hoping to draw no excess attention from anything else that might be lurking in the dark. She wrapped an invisibility spell around herself and opened the temple carefully, in an attempt to stay in the shadows. The temple… at first glance was as it had been before Karl had used the enhanced fey dust to strengthen his summoning circles, but it was twisted in such away that bile left a bitter taste in her mouth. The altars were there, but they held no power of the god, and Greiger the cleric who had died, stood once again in distorted power, she spoke like Grieger, but was a shadow, not knowing the glory of the god of the sun.

Aysel frowned and went to the doors that led to the priest’s quarters to find the binding spells lifted and the gems that had been sealing them gone. If the upstairs showed traces of the evil that breathed there, the priest’s quarters did even more so, the ancient relics that had glowed brightly with the power of Pelor now glowed the same sickly red as the imitation Greiger’s flail and the feeling of wrongness and evil was so strong even those that were not sensitive to such energies would feel it.

As she came back upstairs, she heard the outside door open, grabbed her bow, and strung it in a fluid motion. Karl walked in and thundered:

Honey, I’m home…

He walked over to Aysel and grabbed her neck, easily lifting her off the ground.

Drop your weapon ratsy…

Hey Karl, Nice redecorating you’ve done to this place, it would almost fool the untrained eye into thinking Pelor was still here.

I said drop your weapon soup.

It seemed she was there for an eternity as she released her grasp on the polished ebony and metal bow before it clanged to the ground. He looked into her eyes victoriously and called upon his enslaved pit fiend. The planeswalker looked at him with no fear as he held so closely to her throat, she knew very well that if he wanted her dead he could do so with a single squeeze.

Still trying to be a stone at my feet eh Aysel? When will you learn?

She stared at him coolly, not letting any emotion bubble to the surface.

Cool as ever. You are lucky I still have use for you Ratsy.

He chuckled coldly and through her across the room, kicking her bow after her, and the false Greiger laughed with him. The pit fiend looked on in confusion, not quite understanding the reasons his master had let the elf go instead of squeezing the life out of her.

The elf got up slowly, picking up her bow as she went, quite aware of the pale glow of the Fallen Monk’s eyes on her.

I do not mean to be a stone at your feet Karl, I mean to be a means to your end!

She grabbed onto the wind of the temple and wrapped herself in it, clinging to the invisibility it granted and made her way to the door. She thought to stay to see what he did, but he came after her:

Run Ratsy.

Aysel cursed under her breath and made a break for the door, running out into the cold desert under the light of the moon, the laughs of Karl, the false Greiger and the Pit Fiend followed her all the way back to town.


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