6-An Angelic Assassin

The planeswalker stood completely still, staring at the brass statue that glowed with a malevolent red tinge. It had only been a few days since the elf had stood in this same spot, feeling the taint… but now it was much worse, and she knew why… the why of the growing taint was fairly obvious, it was the how that bugged her so much… the memory came to her now, it was almost as if the celestial was still in her head…

She had sufficiently shredded another of the practice targets into fine pieces of hay with her battalion of spells and realized that her efforts were perhaps better focused on live targets, namely goblins. She readied herself for battle and then headed out of town, bow strung and senses alert. The goblins fell easily, most were not prepared for the spells she threw at them and those that were found a well placed arrow in their gut.

She had made her way relatively silently through the encampment the goblins barely noticed her, the ones who did took silence to the grave. Finally the cave and her challenge were in front of her. She slid in to the dark of the cave and called Orlandu to her, he dove into the fray and while the goblins were distracted with him, she called tongues of flame and ice to fall on the top goblins that were gathered. Orlandu fell and Aysel cursed to herself as he faded back into the pocket plane, the goblins surrounded her and grinned sadistically. She summoned a Slaad hoping that he would buy her enough time but he fell easily as well, she sighed slightly and called up more flames and ice, when suddenly a Half Celestial emerged from an arch of light, wielding a sword and sliced down the remaining goblins easily.

I don’t know why you are here… but your aid is well appreciated.

He smiled sadly at her and spoke gently:

The Blasphemer, Karl… you know him…

She nodded, wondering if the beings of the upper plane finally were administrating aid… it would have been a relief to have such aid.

He has the power to summon and control both sides now… I am sorry…

Sorry? Sorry for what her brain quickly thought, there was no time for the thought to finish, he lunged at her and quickly she pulled the stone of the cave around her, defending herself. He was powerful… but the goblins had left him weaker then he would have been… She pulled her bow string true and the immolated arrow she had summoned plunged into his chest… She bowed over the body, but he was already gone… a sad smile on his lips.

She sighed and looked over the cave, and grabbed the key from what remained of a chest of drawers. She had planned to go on, but after this assassination attempt… it was probably best to head back to town.. the fact that he had summoned and forced a celestial to attack her.. to assassinate her bothered her much, evil was only supposed to summon evil and good the same.

She pulled the wind around her and left the cave just as more goblins emerged from the shadows.

She kept a keen eye for more attackers as she made her way back to town when she got back to the training grounds she sighed with momentarily relief, but just as she thought she was in the clear, five half fiends materialized.

Find elf… angel not do good job

Great, she had thought, big, powerful and dumb. She called the Slaad to weaken them, but they were too powerful. She cursed under her breath and called another.

Mmm. Elf must be here somewhere. Come out elfy!

She called up ice and it fell upon them… she grimaced… it didn’t hurt them nearly as much as it should have.

You want me? Come get me!

She only dared yelled that to make them sloppier. It didn’t work, they were on top of her quickly and the shards of ice only delayed them for seconds. She felt her life bleed from her and they looked at her corpse happily fading back into the darkness they came from.

It was an odd sensation, laying there, the grass on her skin but she barely felt it. She was numb, she felt the other world calling her, she saw the field of heroes awaiting her, her father… and then she was pulled away suddenly, she was flying, carried by the half celestial, suddenly she felt the grass again beneath her skin, felt the breeze. She stood up, still a bit weak… his voice sounded in her head again, still sad, showing her things and apologizing. She started questioning him but he could only sigh sadly and then he was pulled away, and she was alone to her thoughts once again.

Those moments…. She was so close to death, the binding of her soul to the crystal had failed… she had never felt so frail or weak before… she walked to the craft hall to enchance some gems she had found in the goblin’s cave and the feelings still ran beneath her skin… it had been so cold.

She had been walking quietly back towards town when Torin had saw her… and she swore his black skin paled when she told him what had happened… to be able to control a celestial, no matter how unwilling… and for that celestial to save a mortal and banish himself to the hells instead… It was unheard of. So they had traveled back to the temple and Aysel had shown him the evil that still lay in it… So now she was there… standing, staring at the bronze remembering the cold touch of death and then being pulled away from it..

“Planeswalker… Aysel…”

Torin stood beside her as she stared at the statue… he put his hand on her shoulder and suddenly she shook it off. She looked to him.

“If he could control the Celestial and the Fiends… I do not think I will be able to help you… Reya won’t either… maybe Serra or Rayne… they haven’t ascended yet.”

Aysel frowned slightly and then nodded. “Serra might beable to help some with information gathering.. but she is far more happy in the library with her books and Rayne is…”

Torin laughed. “Rayne is Rayne… very well… But you will still need other allies in this..”

“I know… there are many… they just need to be gathered. Eorindel, Artemis, Zeta… Chance… The Paladin of Pelor may have helped… but she went into the desert to look for the Avatar of her god… I will gather them… they need to know the threat.”

The devil nodded slightly and growled as he looked around the room. “You have to find what ever is in you that makes the Fallen One fear you planeswalker…”

Aysel frowned… the place was getting to him. “I know. Come on Torin… this place radiates with too much evil.”

He simply nodded, and the two made their way back to Greenrock.


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