7-The Battle on the Bridge of Arta Alcar Mielikki

Zeta and Artemis looked on with concern as Aysel pulled herself off of the cold cavern floor. She had underestimated the gnolls… she wouldn’t do so ever again. She grabbed a flask of healing potion from her belt and quaffed it, her strength returning as the bitter fluid hit her stomach. She looked to them, noticing the expressions and waved them off.

“I am fine, they just managed to sneak up on me.”<br>
In all reality it was probably a good thing they had found her, true… her soul was in no danger of going to the Field of Heroes as it had only a few days ago and she did not fear death as much as she had since seeing that Field and those that waited for her, but the process of being pulled through a Soul Krystal that one was bounded to was not the most comfortable in the world; It felt as light might feel to be pulled through a crystal prism, a single beam separated into its components and cast onto a wall. The thought brought a smile to her face and he patted her pouch of charms and curiosities she had collected over the years she had wandered the planes, among those things she held close to her was a rare prism that a gnome inventor had once given to her when she helped him retrieve a focusing crystal some kobolds had stolen from his invention.

She shook off the memory and the two were still looking at her with the same concerned glare. “Really… I am fine… I was just remembering something.” She peered further into the cave. “Well… since we are here, shall we dance with the gnolls?”<br>
They nodded to her and they continued through the cavern, the gnolls charged on but didn’t last very long to magic, bow and blade. They reached the end of the cave went through the loot the gnolls had accumulated, noting that some one had already mined the quartz that the dwarf smith had been looking for. Quietly the planeswalker opened up the secret door that looped back to the stairs of the old mines and the three made their way back to the surface. The hot desert sun glared down at them and they found themselves looking at Karl Fallen’s home for a few minutes and after watching their faces, Aysel made up her mind.

“Come… I have something to show you.”

She led them quickly to the oasis and they stood a moment in its cool waters looking at the former glory of the temple of Pelor. Aysel bent down and took a sip of the clear water waiting for her two companions to catch their wind and rest. They were about to head into the temple when Bugadesh the half orc found them. After some broken conversation, the four headed into the temple and Aysel watched their reactions.

“It is restored to its former glory?” Artemis asked as if he was confused.

Aysel shook her head. “Look closer… it is fouler then ever.”

They examined the main temple and then the priests quarters afterwards, then returned to the sanctuary.

“Karl did this?” Artemis queried.

Aysel nodded. “It is not safe to talk here though… too many ears about… gather others… we shall meet in the forest.”<br>
A few hours later Aysel found herself looking upon the group on the bride of Arta Alcar Meilikki: Zeta, Bugadesh, Artemis, Eorindel, Elieundil, Vertigo and Rayne, they were gathered because she had called She told them the whole of what she knew and the conversation too off, each listing off their own testimony of crimes the Fallen One had committed. She let it continue, they spoke of assassination attempts and then it all fell silent. The question remained… what could they do?

Prepare yourselves, use your talents to gather what information you can, warn others of the things you have seen and tell them of the treachery of Karl the Fallen.

As she finished speaking, it was like she had called him, and he came to the bridge. Karl looked at them all and laughed in his uneasing manner, turning his attention to Bugadesh. The group froze slightly readying weapons as he turned his attention, but they all gaped as he whispered to the half-orc and he threw her across the bridge.

He laughed horribly then and disappeared into the forest, but the confrontation was only at a beginning, the red summoning circles formed around the bridge, and hoards of demons, fiends and succubi came around them, the gathered taking them down as they could. A moment of calmness came after what seemed like hours of battle.
Hurry! The city! We must make sure it is safe!

They ran to the city, and to the Vortex, it seemed that the momentary calm was not to be though, as they crossed the second bridge to the portal, undead flooded the city forcing them to take combat again. In that moment of combat, the portal flickered out and Eorindel swore loudly to his companions.

He still has power over the Vortexes. Back to the Forest!

They fought their way back through the city and onto the bridge. They were getting stronger the longer they fought, finally the last skeleton fell to the ground in pieces.

Go, I need to break up the summoning circles…

Aysel looked at them with a firm determination and soon they scattered. She turned back to the circles and nodded to herself, calling up shards of ice to break the firey magic. As the circles dissipated a feeling of relief came to her and as she walked into the druid’s circle an ease came to her again, a battle had been won and her allies had gathered.


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