8-The Benevolent Benefactor

A cold wind blew through Greenrock, it was a normal fall blast to most people, but as it wrapped itself around Mahvash, it whispered of snow to come, and opportunity. Soon the exile found herself inside the local monastery.

She crept into the shadows and listened rather attentively to the conversation that was going on. The elven warrior she had met the other day and had been trying to extract information out of before he got pulled away from her by a gray haired elven wench. The same wench that had pushed passed her earlier that same day in the market. There was something about that one… it didn’t matter, she had vowed long ago to reap pain and death from any of her kin that stood in her way again…different or no, the gray haired tramp would suffer at her hands.

She shook her head from the thoughts of what she was going to do to Avene and turned her attention back to the business at hand. Eorindel was fuming… he was ranting about demons and devils that had attacked him in the crypt. Papasan the priest listened on intently, not responding until Eorindel brought up a name. Karl Fallen…<br>
After the name was brought up Papasan sat on the defensive… “Karl would never do anything such as that, he his our benefactor.”<br>
Eorindel grew more and more agitated, berating the priest for his unfit care of the crypts… how he had let the dead wake because he would not go into the crypts and bless them. Soon enough the elf’s anguish grew and he gave up, he charged out of the temple in rage. Papasan looked at him as he ran off and shrugged a little.

Quietly, Mahvash followed the elf out of the monastery, through the pinnacle area and past the fort, keeping silent and in the shadows. He stopped suddenly right before the rocky path that lead to the desert and Mahvash hid behind a conveniently placed marker post. The exile grinned a little as she watched why the elf had stopped… The bard by the name of Artemis was coming up the path. Eorindel began retelling what had happened at the monastery and Mahvash leaned in to hear.

“Oh! Hello Lady Mahvash!” The bard said. Mahvash cursed under her breath and came out from behind the post. The two eyed her as they continued to talk about Karl, and she listened a bit, but just as they were going to ask her opinion, a Greenrock Soldier came up to them.

“You… I’ve been looking for you Elf.”

Mahvash muttered under her breath again, but noticed he was looking to Eorindel and not to her, and she took back to the shadows of the nearby trees. The Soldier berated the elf for talking about Karl Fallen in the way he did, as well as the cleric.

“Hmph…” Mahvash thought as she made her way back to town away from the three men. “Karl Fallen… I have heard too much about this… “Benefactor” lately… I do not believe he is good for my… business.” The wind wrapped itself around the exile and she faded into the shadows of the trees as though thought echoed in her mind and the darkness within…


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