11-White Pawn to A3… Queen me.

Aysel stared at the statue and hate hit her stomach again. As she looked at the statues it was if he was watching her every mood… it was enough to cause her control on her powers release for a moment. The ice fell on the statue, only destroying the torches around it. Before she regained herself they fell around the other… a guard came running and she realized what she had done, and threw up a spell if invisibility. He slowed down wondering where she had gone… muttering something about issuing a warrant of arrest.

She sighed as he ran back to the pinnacle and stared at the two statues that were the image of Fallen.

She felt the dark elf coming before he stepped out of the shadows and as he did she spoke.

I can’t fight him as I have been any longer Drow, its suicide.

Then perhaps you should play his own game elf.

The planeswalker looked at the dark elf with a questioning look in her eyes.

He’s their “Benefactor” he’s made them believe he is doing things for them… if you gained their favor as he has…

He continued on for a few minutes and then the planeswalker nodded.

Ahh I see… yes… Lady Dunn’aelc would not do such things as destroy city property… she runs in high circles, she helps the poor

The dark elf nodded… now she was thinking clearly. The elf snapped her fingers and suddenly she was wearing a crimson dress with silver trim. Protheus looked at her and his expression changed for a moment, and she met his gaze.

If you do this… it is best you are not seen with me… I would not want to hurt your reputation.

Aysel sighed slightly, nodded and then took something from a pouch and examined it for a minute, walking closer to him… she ran her hand down his arm and placed a rather large piece of opal in his hand.

If I am in danger… you will know by this…

He nodded at her and looked to her eyes… there was a glint of something there, but then it was gone and she backed away from him.

Very well then Drow… I believe we have an accord…

He nodded and she turned… heading for the market place… After a few moments he slipped back into the shadows and followed.

A few stops at dress shops and the tailor later, a strange feeling passed over the elf… the name echoed to her lips and she spoke it almost involuntarily…


She took off running, gowns flying… she was greatful that it was late afternoon and the market place and streets were nearly empty… her heart beat harder as the insensible high heels she had been wearing flew off her feet as she turned a corner and went out the city gates… Karl was standing, speaking to the Trader that kept his post with the oxen… no time to worry about that now… she continued running… into Mîrbeleg… she slowed and made her way through the trees… Eorindel lay near the river bank… she knelt by the body and placed her hand on his chest… he was not breathing nor did his heart beat… she closed her eyes and felt that his soul lingered still… she exhaled and pulled a pouch of herbs from under her skirts, pouring a bit on his tongue. It did not take long for the herb to take effect. He awoke swear words jumping off his tongue and the planeswalker backed up.

Eorindel… calm yourself.

He looked at her and remembered…

Aysel… he has the pearl!

The words heard her ears and nearly blew away her composure. The other elf got up and ran his fingers over his blade near ready to charge off after Fallen. Aysel stood up in front of him and as she regained her composure she seemed to grow in stature with the aire of royalty.

Eorindel Ngaramgil…calm down.

He blinked and looked at her then realized her attire… and stopped where he stood.


She nodded slightly and was about to speak when Serra and Elieundil stepped out of the forest.

Aysel…I have information for you.

Serra related to Aysel about the large project that the town was allowing Karl to create something, his new position in the senate, and the uncanny disappearance of several of the council members who would have opposed him… including Pyrus. The Elf listened carefully and then closed her eyes and nodded.

We can not fight him directly any more, its suicide.

Then what in the Greatball would you have us do? Give up!?!

A fierce look came to Eorindel’s eyes. Aysel shook her head.

I… have a plan… if nothing else it will gain us time… if not ground

She explained the plot to infiltrate town posing as a noble woman, and playing the politics game with Karl.

I strongly advise against this Aysel… Even nobles can be placed in prison.

I know that all to well Serra… I lost my kingdom long ago.

Eorindel’s eyes widened.

You are royal?

Again, Aysel nodded… she opened her mouth to explain, but stopped as Uzza the Gipsy Chief came out of his camp guiding his ox. He was heading for the senate chambers… with a delivery of fairy dust for Karl. They watched as he and his ox continued into town.

For the life of me I can not understand why someone would need that much fey dust…

He concentrates it and then uses it for summoning…

Serra took a note out of her pocket and glanced at it mouthing those words. Aysel looked to her, and asked about it.

It is a warning… I’m suspected of espionage.

Aysel frowned… Uzza returned from town, a smile on his face. Karl the “Benefactor” Had given a new ward stone… he didn’t need the fey dust to recharge it now. The two women looked at it… a large black orb… neither could fathom it with that short of a viewing. The returned it to him and he went off.

Aysel sighed and looked to Serra.

Do you have a better plan?

Serra shook her head.

Then I need you to look into a few things…

Aysel listed a few off… finding what happened to Pyrus… information on how to spoil the fey dust… more on Karl’s “Project”. Serra nodded.

And Serra… be careful…

She nodded and went back towards town. Aysel watched her go and hoped that she did sign her fate… She put her hand in her pocket and to her surprise found a note.

Everyone has a shadow… yours is never far away.


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