12-The Dark Swan takes Flight

The moon rose red after the Trial of Torin…

In the eerie glow, a figure emerges from the BaiTao City Blacksmith’s shop, she wears light yet strong chainmail that has been stained to appear dark, under the mail she wears a dark indigo tunic and leggings, as she moves, she seems to blend in with the shadows. She looks up to the sky looking at the stars for a moment, a whisper of faint prayer nearly echoes… Then she raises the helmet to her head, a perfect fit.

She strings her bow and then pulls the wind around her… less then half an hour later a figure sits atop the pinnacle building in Greenrock, she looked down over the city. The guards watched the buildings and gates… but it was the streets she was more concerned about… Her eyes scanned back and forth There! In the alley… two thugs were mugging a woman…

The masked woman knocked her arrow quickly, and launched it into the throat of one of the thugs before jumping from the building, landing quietly behind the second, her dagger flashed and went deep into his side, she pulled it out and he slumped.

The woman looked to her rescuer for a long while, before she spoke…

“Thank you… whoever you are…”

I am Dark Swan… tell others they need not fear the night any longer.

With that the helmed woman faded into the shadows… later that night other reports of rescues spread, Officials at the Fort, Pinnacle building and Boarder Outpost were surprised to find deliveries on bounties with no claim for reward.

Nights and Days passed and soon there were few that did not know of the Vigilante of the Night, the one that called herself Dark Swan.


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