Lady Dunn’aelc walked swiftly away from the Pinnacle, raising her hood and pulling her cloak closer to her body as the wind blew her skirts against her slender legs. She looked up at the storm that was growing in the distance and almost laughed, it was almost as if the sky was bringing forth a metaphor for the building events.

So many things had occurred in the last few weeks, the last few months… new allies, Eorindel’s Mansion that he had fit into a Guildhouse, the drow mercenaries that had done something to the Khurnak portals so they were beginning to not function correctly. Dark Swan was kept increasingly busy in the eves keeping the streets safe… it was if the guards had been instructed to back off or a prison caravan of riff raff had been released onto town. If it wasn’t that… Lady Dunn’aelc was expected to be at some social gathering. She could not abandon either, and yet she still needed to be a light that kept the spirit of the resistance. It was almost as if Fallen was manipulating things so she had less time to keep to all of the duties, and he knew which ones she would have to keep from keeping her image and position in Greenrock.

She reached the city gates and the guard bowed slightly, “A good eve and safe journey back to your home Lady Aysel.” She nodded and thanked him and continued on her way. She pulled the wind around her, cloaking her movements, then shed her skirt, increasing her pace as she put distance between herself and the gate. Her thoughts turned back to the guards and she wondered how much power Karl actually had on them…

“Enough to get them to send us on faux, red herring errands for relics he has no want or use for at any rate.” She murmured to herself and then shook her head slightly, that damned “Holy Symbol” had caused a lot of worry and strain on her companions, specifically Maynard and Artemis, but she had realized after a bit of thought that it was a mere ploy to kill some of the unwavering hope the group had. Fallen had read the ancient forbidden scrolls of Venca, among other things from the forbidden library the Khurnak monks were supposed to protect, it was likely he knew that upon sending them on the errand they would have to hand it over in order to preserve it. Perhaps he knew that it would help drive a wedge between herself and her shadow as well… or it could have been a fortunate after effect in his favor.

She entered Mîrlberg and her thoughts turned from the guards to Eorindel.

Of all of her companions, he was the one she worried about the most perhaps, even if his actions were not always pure, and his temper brought trouble to him more often then not, his heart and intentions were to be admired. He was brave and noble yet events of late tested his faith and quest the most. It had near hurt her heart to hear him speak the day before of the newest threat to himself: a band of assassins that were not sent by Karl… when she asked if perhaps it had something to do with his father he had spoke of how that whole quest nearly felt a dream. For one to forget one’s quest… it was like near losing oneself, but his reasoning was sound… After he had met and fallen in love with Avene he had found that he couldn’t live just to find and slay his father any more, the new things he knew about the curse had changed him that much. Ah… the curse and Avene unrelated to the problems Karl brought, but nonetheless they were woven into this web through the virtue of being connected to Eorindel himself.

She finally reached her own home and fished the key from her pocket after scanning the area, she placed the key in the hole, turned it, unlocking both the door and the spell wards for a brief time. She entered and took off her cloak and willed the lanterns to glow, then she sat down at her harp and began to play.

Karl had invaded the sanctuary of her home twice, both times concerning Eorindel. The first was when the wards were not complete, but he strode up to her door like a devil coming uninvited to tea in order to tempt her loyalty. He made himself comfortable on her new couch and proceeded to offer to give her Serra and Torin back for turning in the “dangerous werewolf” known as Eorindel. The wanted poster was still up in town… Until the day before Aysel had thought he had perhaps decided he had bigger things to worry about, until she found out that Karl had sent Nesalla and Calavel after him specifically. Karl kept targeting Eorindel for some reason, with the bounty not succeeding he had tried other methods. The second visit was regarding one of these attempts. Karl had managed to capture Avene, and had told Aysel that if she didn’t decode a message Pyrus had left behind, he would let her die. Aysel had expected Avene to be held prisoner like the others he had taken… but she also knew that Avene was not like the others, she was different, how different or why different Aysel wasn’t sure on. Avene had said herself that she could not die, and ever since she had returned her attitude towards the gods was one of hate. At the time the planeswalker had not known this however and so with much hesitance she translated the old draconic. There was a code involved, another puzzle piece. Neither of his visits mattered though. Avene was free because she could not die and Torin was free because of the Mirror of Dreams in Pyrus’s lab. The Lab… Karl knew about the existence of the lab now because of that second visit, it was a major slip on Aysel’s part, but nothing bad had come from it since, a good thing perhaps, but she wasn’t so concerned about the lab now that they were so close to freeing Pyrus…

Aysel stopped playing and got up from her chair, she was restless. She wandered into her bedroom and stood at the alchemy table for a moment, playing with a few small gems before turning around and gazing into her mirror. She looked in at herself and within a few moments she was falling into the reflection…


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