The Terrian Queen

Fosterion Archives, not many days ago:

There was movement in the dim light, someone was looking for something; Nicholia Darklighter, a young scribe, calls out to the cloaked figure that accompanied her as she finds the sought tome. The figure takes the book from the girl and flips through its pages for a few moments, reads for a few moments then looks to the young scribe and frowns.

Someone used a poorly woven translation spell on this, see what you can do for it?

The girl nods and takes the volume.

I’ll see what I can do, it might take a few weeks.

That is acceptable. Thank you Nicholia.

The younger woman nodded slightly again and the cloaked woman made her way out of the archive and up the tower stairs. She exited the castle to the outdoors of the terrace and lowered her hood for a moment and looked out at the city, her golden hair shining in the moon light, and she sighed, letting her thoughts wander to the tome.

It was full of near forgotten legend, rumor, but there was at least one legend within it that held truth… the Terrian Queen. This was why she sought it, to find some truth in the events that were circling her friend Eorindel like buzzards. Avene.

The planeswalker closed her eyes trying to recall all that Avene had said to her, all that she had seen her do.

She was strange to begin with… gray hair, golden eyes, ability with blades and magic. Panther familiar… Yonia. Orlandu had said they smelled “different”, so did Eorindel after he had spent some time with her, and that day in the forest he was in wolf form, running from the panther… and then he attacked the grove’s stone. It was particular. Then there was that other one… who asked her about Avene… dark haired, Orlandu thought he smelled funny as well, he carried himself well but claimed to be nothing but a peasant. What had she told him? About Eorindel… and what she had heard about the encounter Mahvash Tasatir had with Avene in the sewers. And before that… at the monastery, Aysel had heard Avene claim to be “The Queen of Things to Come”.

Queen… The Terian Queen? It may be only coincidence. Aysel had been at the Nomad Spires when Trileon, Eorindel, Brakern, Calavel and Nesalla had arrived, they had been told to travel to the Golden Delta. They had not said by who directly to her, she had just followed them on. They descended in the valley past the spires and found themselves barricaded from the path to the Port City, and so they had settled themselves in the nearby temple. Aysel and the others had then been hit by the overwhelming sensation of a scry in progress. Eorindel brought out a tea that he was told would block scryings, the others drank and when Brakern passed the flask to her and she took a drink she soon realized it was not to block scryings, but to enable visions. The others were nervous at first when a woman appeared in front of them. She told them she had sent the Demonic Stance for Eorindel… to protect him not to kill as Avene claimed. She spoke of Eorindel being the one that had the power to stop Avene, she was becoming strong, Mizunos… It was hard to make sense of it, the vision was weak at best since he had shared the tea with all of them. Eorindel was blind to anything wrong with Avene, she played her role of innocence well.

The planeswalker sighed. She would know nothing more until someone made a move or that tome was completed. It was not her fight but she would help in the background if she could, there was much on the plate of the wanderer and she was not here to save this plane, just mind her time and help the rebellion for the time, that was what she was committed to doing…not plunge into an ancient conflict… but Eorindel was her friend, so she would do what she could.


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