Interlude: Son of the Mother

Aysel was sitting in the quiet of the druid grove, half praying, half meditating when she felt something behind her and turned.

A figure in black stood behind her, holding a long evil looking scythe and an aura that spoke of something dark yet familiar.

You could be so powerful Dark Swan…

Your tempting will do nothing… I have never wanted the power.

Oh but it would be so easy… you would only need to slay your mother’s son and drink of his blood to ascend.

Son of my mother? I have no brother!

The planeswalker looked at the figure, puzzling over her… she felt like death… but Thanatos was death, this could not be him. The Figure only laughed knowing her thoughts.

Oh Olanwa, you are amusing…

Aysel froze… that was her true name… how did this dark one know it?

My mother is dead.

Do you really think childbirth could kill something half divine? Do you really think Celestian would allow his precious daughter to die?

The planeswalker looked to the figure, the thought hitting her with full impact.

Who in the nine hells are you?

I am hardly from the hells…

She laughs again and runs her fingers over the blade of her scythe.

I am a thing that is to come… that is all you need to know planeswalker…

The woman faded into the shadows and a chill went up Aysel’s spine. A brother? Her mother was not dead? Could it be true? Or was this dark woman just playing with her… Aysel sighed and then looked to the stone of the druids and shook her head, picking herself off the ground and walked back to her house.


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