How the Softfoots Stole the Shire-2

How the Softfoots Stole the Shire (Temporarily)… Part 2

So… by now you’re probably wondering, or have stopped wondering about how Drakil and Fredegar Softfoot stole the Shire way back 1238 SR. But! First things first, before the steal comes, one always has to do the planning and get the idea to make the heist in the first place.

It was The Great Festival of Fire, a celebration of the burning down of the Standelf Tavern and the accidental invention of Mead Mushrooms Flambé, a Standelf Delicacy.

In any case, it was the eve of the festival and Lily, Drakil and Fredegar sat out on the grassy knoll watching as the fireworks going off and as they watched, Lily murmured something to the effect of: “Wouldn’t it be nice if for just one day, we could claim all of the beauty of all the Shire and the stars as ours?”

This got Fredegar thinking about just that, and as the night passed on and the three headed back into town with the thought of the sweet taste of burning mushrooms, a plan began to form. After depositing Lily home that night Fredegar and Drakil headed not home but to their secret stash in the old forest, and the plan began its incubation.

Now my dear hobbits, I leave you with these thoughts of things long past: festivals, good food, no curfews and the ability to walk about town at night with no fear.

Let your imagination flare of things that used to be and let yourself acquire a flame of passion about it. Until next issue, Up the Shire!

~Meril Softfoot


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