Incomplete Glorglas Story- Kamara

The young elf stood on the end of the docks watching the sun go down over the water.  The breeze blew her hair away from her face as the tide continued to go about its endless roaring and the gulls continued their calls.

It seemed to her that it was only yesterday she ran along those docks, explored the tide pools, and found herself at home at the library in The Havens. Those days were long passed. Word had just come a few weeks ago, some how making its way to base, that Gelmir, the old lighthouse keeper had been caught unawares by a storm when he had taken his boat out for an afternoon ride.  He had been a father to her, after she had lost her own in a similar incident. The memories of that day were blocked from her memory though. The day the necromancer had summoned the storm and killed her parents. She was too young to remember it; she had only been a few decades old when it had happened. Gelmir had found her, had brought her up, and now he was gone too.

Kamara let a single tear fall from her eye into the sea. Havens was no longer home to her, it was the forest she longed for again. She had ridden hard for 3 days to get to the Havens from the Greenwood, and now she had been in Mithlond for a few days. She had visited old friends that had known her as a child, and she had done her mourning. It was time to return home, return to the base, return to the ever-hovering threat of the orcs.

She walked away from the pier and went back to her room at the in where she gathered her belongings. After carefully polishing her sword she placed it carefully into its sheath at her side, hoping she wouldn’t need to use it on the journey home. A note lay on the bed, she quickly picked it up and scanned it quickly and nodded. She slung her pack over her back along with her staff sling and made her way up the grand staircase to the top of the tower. The meeting room was open but she knocked on the door frame any way.

“Lord Cirdan, you wanted to see me before I left?” she called. “Ah, yes Lady Kamara, come in” beckoned the Shipwright. “I Have a note for you to take to King Thranduil, I would have Galdor do so, but you are on your way, and I have pressing business here I’m afraid.” “Ah of course milord, that is of no problem.” Kamara answered. “I have arranged for my stable hand Almon to pack you provisions for your return trip” Cirdan continued. “Oh m’lord that is most kind of thou” she replied and then bowed with the grace of one of the Glorglas. “However I must hasten, I am needed back in the woods, I thank you once again for your hospitality during my stay, I hope our next meeting will be of one of better conditions.” “Aye,” he replied “Fair Journey to you Lady”. He nodded in dismissal, and Kamara took her leave, stopping several more times to say her farewells before she managed to get to the stables and out of town.

After a few hours of riding she stopped at a familiar place. The white towers loomed in their usual place in the hills. It was a time to remember things of her youth, and the tower had a part to play. She hitched Naril, her black stallion and entered the tower quietly, sneaking around the servants as an extra surprise to Merlac, her mentor. She slipped quietly into his room, but before she had a chance to even scare him, he had sensed her.

“And who is this that comes sneaking into my Tower”. Kamara froze up, she remembered Merlac having been keen on sensing things, but not this sharp. “Don’t be so surprised my dear, your power absolutely fills the room, I felt you enter the Tower, even if I could not hear or see you do so. Now let this old elf take a look at you. Ah, My dear Kamara, you radiate of the same power your father did, and what is this?” he tilted his head, “Kamara… you are touched with the power of the Emerald…your father would have been proud.” Kamara stood still for her old mentor to take a look at her. He smiled and touched her arm, then jumped back in surprise. Kamara looked at him in wonder, “What ever is the matter?” she asked. “You are approaching a fork in the road of destiny, on one fork lies death, on the other life, be careful my dear, for your life is hanging in the balance. Suddenly Kamara felt something watching her. She spun around quickly, only fast enough to catch a glimpse of a dark cloak fly down the stairwell. She nodded a goodbye to Merlac and ran after the figure.

Down the stairs she ran, black cloak just ahead of her. Suddenly from behind something leapt at her. Kamara spun, drawing her blade as she did, slashing the creature across the chest. It was the size of a bear, and its razor like claws were soaked in blood, but as luck would have it, the blow knocked it to the ground.


The assassin ran around the corner and slipped into the shadows. He inhaled slowly, calming himself. “What in Mandos, had just happened there?” he whispered to himself.
He had been so close to plunging the dagger into the elves skin, ripping it, letting the blood flow, letting the beauty of the death entrance him before he let go of the cadaver. He had done it so many times, countless times. What had been different? His mind raced.

The elf, she had turned just as he was raising his dagger. It shouldn’t have been a problem, seeing the face of the victim as real death came over them was part of the rush. No, it was more then that, there was something about this one, this contracted kill, this victim, something different then the rest of them.

The assassin let the image of the elf play through his head again. Her soul-piercing green eyes cut through his thoughts like a sharp dagger in skin. He shook the thought from his head. No, he decided. This girl was no different from the rest. He would kill her, like all the others, revel in the death, the utter cold beauty of death.

A wicked grin passed over his lips and he pulled his cloak around him. Yes, he would kill her all right, and it would be the most perfect of them all, but first, it was time to plan. He slipped down the stairs and then out the tower, disappearing into the darkness of the night.


The two elves were patrolling the forest. Well, they were supposed to be patrolling any way. They were siblings and the task at hand had slipped their minds as they began to goof around.

“I bet I can climb that tree before you can” the young warrior challenged.

“Climb a tree?, in what I’m wearing?” the other scoffed, rolling her green eyes at her brother.

“Fine then, race you to that clearing?”

“Oh, alright then…”

The two started running, too busy to notice something moving in the trees behind them.

The warrior ran a head


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