Kamara Firalkar: Luthiere

Kamara’s Siryamîrê mandolin

This is a beautiful four stringed instrument, slightly smaller then a lute, carved from  golden wood. Its body is bowl shaped with a single sound hole in the middle. Ornamenting the instrument on the left, right and bottom edges of the instrument, are five shining jewels; ruby, emerald, amythest, sapphire and placed in the middle of the arrangement a softly glowing pearl. The jeweled pattern repeats itself in the peg box with each of the four pegs set with one of the four colored jewels and the pearl in the carving above it. The brilliant silver strings stretch across from their pegs to the bridge where they are fastened securely. You pluck the strings and smile as each reverberates brightly and glows of the color of jewel at its peg. This is indeed a prize of an instrument and a soulful reminder of the jeweled mages and the mission they represents, for as long as the gathering is still together, hope will remain in the darkness, and magic in this instrument.

Inscribed in the inside of the instrument is the following:
To Maxwell of the Sapphire,
May our friendship and the gathering last until the end of time., and the light prevail over darkness.
With love,
Kamara of the Emerald

Kamara’s Cyan Rose harp

There is only one word that can describe this small elven harp with any justice: beautiful.  Its fine, blonde wooden frame is polished to a glowing shine and is accented by brilliant emerald and aquamarine gems imbedded into the neck, shoulder, and sound box. The golden strings reflect even the dullest light and sing softly as you brush your fingers over them. On the pillar of the instrument, a delicate cyan rose carved from aquamarine wraps its emerald leaves and stem in a spiral and sparkles in the light, leaving you somewhat transfixed as you look at the enchanting instrument; it reminds you of someone very close to your heart and the loving friendship you will always share with her.
An inscription at the base reads:
~~;@K&M-Friends for Always@;~~

Kamara’s Tea is Tasty flute

This flute is rather strange, and for some reason whispers the words “Tea is Tasty” into your ear. It is formed out of coppery bronze metal that some how is exactly the color of the beverage that elves prefer. Each of the levers and keys are set with a pearl with a tiny diamond that is likewise set into it. Inevitably, these adorations remind you of cream and sugar. The lip plate is finely engraved with -you guessed it- tealeaves. Upon further investigation you find a strange inscription inside the bottom of the pipe that reads “G^3 L D K A”

Kamara’s Rómendor fiddle

You look in the black dyed canvas covered case to find a marvelous fiddle. You gaze at
your reflection for a moment on the darkly stained polished mahogany instrument and
smile. Its perfectly shaped bouts rest snugly in the velvet interior of the case, just below
the dark bow, and to the left of a small compartment which you open to find a cake of
fine olive rosin, a cloth with which to clean rosin residue off with, a second to help grip
the instrument under your shoulder, and a small silver pitch pipe inlayed with an emerald
leaf. Out of curiosity you pick it up and blow, each note corresponding to one of the
silver strings that rings sweetly through the air. After replacing the pipe in its pouch you
turn your attention back to the fiddle. The silver strings stretch from the scroll and peg
box, over the ebony finger board and across the delicate bridge and hooking on to the tail
piece and fine tuners.

A gaze at the scroll and peg box brings the sight of glimmering emeralds embedded in the
mahogany and ebony and also in the tailpiece. Your focus then goes to the f-holes that
remind you of leaves. You peer in and find the inscription in silver and green enchanted
elven script: Fingondor and Kamara, cousins forever, even as worlds distance us apart.

Kamara’s Heart Mandolin

This dazzling instrument is made of fine golden wood, polished to a perfect shine, and is accented with
sparkling lapis luzil. The fingerboard has been painted an almost black shade of midnight blue, and the 5
strings are wrought of pure gold, and seem to hold an enchantment that keeps them perfectly in tune. The
tuning pegs are of the same color as the fingerboard, and each has a finely polished lapis luzil embedded
into it. The pick is also of gold and has yet another precious lapis, this one heart shaped, set in it. You run
the pick over the strings and a beautiful chord resounds, reminding you of one precious to your heart, that
has given you her own.

Kamara’s I’m not going to give Atraa my Heart mandolin drum.

This dinged up drum is really a piece of work. You think it must have been messed up a lot by some horrible apprentice and then sold at a bargain price. Despite all of its flaws it is a rather cool unique instrument none-the-less. The way the paint has been messed up so much makes it look tie-dyed from farther away, and the leather head is in fairly good condition. However, this drum will always remind you sorely of the mandolin a certain wizard didn’t give you..

Kamara’s Tea is Yummy Drum

This little drum is rather odd.. for some unexplainable
reason it reminds you of a Tea cup. Looking at it, you
realise is clearly Elvish as it is very well made. You
turn the drum around looking at it in its entirety  and
notice a maple leaf of gold is etched into the side.
Puzzled by the leaf you guess that only the drums
bearer could know its meaning. Just as your turn
your attention away, you notice on the bottom of
the drum a small inscription which reads,  “G^3 AALKD”

Kamara’s Unicorn Horn

This is a beautiful spiraled horn of silver with pearl, emerald, sapphire, ruby and amethyst embellishments. It is not made like a regular horn, but rather is shaped like that of a unicorn and as you touch its gems and the coils of the spiral, it sounds beautiful pure notes, but it appears it also may be blown into like a recorder. On the bottom is an engraving of a unicorn and the words “Fëa ap Tilroch”.

Kamara’s ___ flute

This is a beautiful flute that is one of a pair designed as gifts for a wonderful couple on a glorious day in their lives. Its body is formed of fine silver, and each of its keys and levers are set with dazzling emeralds. The lip plate is elegantly engraved in a gentle vine pattern, and around it is an inscription in elvish: “For S & A, on your special day, may your love last forever ~K”

This is a beautiful flute that is one of a pair designed as gifts for a wonderful couple on a glorious day in their lives. Its body is formed of fine gold, and each of its keys and levers are set with firey rubies. The lip plate is elegantly engraved in a gentle flame pattern, and around it is an inscription in elvish: “For A & S, on your special day, may your love last forever ~K”

Óma ap Eryn Lasgalen

This beautiful lute is aptly named the “Voice of the Wood of
Greenleaves”. It is several millennia old, expertly crafted from the
dark wood of a magnificent tree in celebration of the immigration from
Lindon in the early second age. Its tear dropped shaped body has been
coated with a clear varnish that was blended with silver and emerald
dust to give it a magical shine, reminiscent of the waters of the
enchanted river.  Its neck and fretboard and peg box have been stained
a darker colour and finished in the same varnish, and fifteen mithril
strings are stretched between nut and bridge carved from fine ivory.
Under the strings its sound hole; or rose, has been carefully carved
to resemble a tree with falling leaves in front of a cresent moon and
star filled sky. When played, its clear notes bring images of the
ancient beauty of the forest; calming you and giving you a renewed
hope for the future.


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