A Glorglas Idling Story, Starring Atraa

The sun rose over the horizon and a few shafts of light poked through the tree canopy waking me from my sleep. I looked around me and felt an ache in my back.  I rubbed my head and realized I was still in the bar, lying across a crate.  I wasn’t quite sure how I managed to sleep in that position, but I think Geliriel isn’t watering down my drinks…..

There was a commotion below and I tried to look towards the tree trunk to see if I could catch a glimpse of what was happening…. I saw nothing.  I could have move to investigate, but my back hurt and despite having slept of a four course liquid lunch from the previous night, Geliriel was looking attractive. I managed to prop myself up and waited for one of the other members of the army to come up stairs.  It would likely be Sarys.  Geliriel likes him and Sarys fools around with her when his wife isn’t looking and it’s funny to watch, but he’d tell me what was going on.  I managed to peer over the edge of the flet and saw small numbers of our troops heading off in different directions.  Bah, it must be a mission day.  Deboraha would be on my case soon enough, I’d have to hide.

Sure enough I heard Sarys bound up the stairs and he flashed a look at Geliriel.  He looked over to me and said “Hey Atraa, you look awful”  I replied, “I love you too Sarys, what’s going on?”.  Sarys simply replied, “Hit and fades on orc supply lines”.  I then heard the slow pounding of the stairs as someone else stomped up them.  Deboraha.  Damn, where could I hide. I looked at Sarys and he simply shrugged.  Geliriel gave me an accusing glance.  There was nothing left for it.  I lay flat across the crate, uncomfortable as it was, how I managed to sleep for 8 hours is still a mystery to me and pretended I was asleep.  I was good at this.  Real good.

The stomping halted and I could feel her eyes analyzing me, and noting me down as incompetent. I could hear her sighing as she turned to Geliriel. “When he wakes up, tell him I have a few choice words for him”, then she turns to Sarys “After you’re done here, Lost needs you to do some tracking… the local game seems to have moved on… we need to know where.” Sarys nodded slightly, swallowing the venison he had been eating. “Will do.” He gets up and starts for the stairs, but stops as some one else enters the flet, speaking softly. I think I heard Sarys mutter something and then head down, and Deb moved away from my crate.

“What’s wrong Kam?” Deboraha asked. Kamara sighed “I’ve been scrying all day.. I can’t find him any where.”

“Oh Kam…hold in there…He’ll show up eventually.”

“Yeah, I know… I’ll be fine. Thanks Deb. Good luck with the hit and fades… I need to go scout something out… have a theory…”


“Yeah, I’ll tell you about it when I find out…”

“Hmm alright… talk to you later.”
Deboraha left down the staircase and Kamara moved further into the room but still looked  out into the trees.

“Gel… I don’t know what I’m going to do about that man… I told him I  could wait for him, wait for him to overcome his past… But now he’s gone off and disappeared again, and I haven’t spoken with him—well had a real conversation with him for more then a month now…”

The crate was getting really painful by now, but Kamara hadn’t noticed me and I’d rather not her know I had heard the whole thing.  She sounded really down, I don’t like her being sad. And Malek… who in his right mind proposes to a girl like Kam and then disappears and leaves no word.  I could tell it hurt her, she shouldn’t hurt like he was hurting her, unintentional as it might be.


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