17-The Road goes Ever On…

Aysel looked about her house, testing her wards and going over the lists she kept in her head. She stopped when her gaze fell on the objects that remained on the table. She picks up one of them, a second copy of the document Karl had brought her when he claimed to hold Avene.

She had given a copy that remained in the ancient draconic to Stang, this one however, had her notes on it and she puzzled over the runes again. They were still an enigma. Stang hadn’t used them to locate Pyrus, or if he had… he hadn’t mentioned it. The complexity of the maze spell that he had been trapped in bothered the planeswalker as well; it seemed off to her. But… if Karl hadn’t sealed Pyrus into the maze they had gotten him out of… who did? And whom does that note belong to? Karl had said he had caught Pyrus with it upon capture… he had told her that if she decoded it he would release Avene… Was it part of the game… another thing to make her think Avene was truly trapped… or was it something he had real curiosity about? Karl wouldn’t just make up a note to make her sweat, not this late in the game…he would have done his best to get something out of it. Perhaps the library at the Temple of Selune will have some volumes to help finish the translation and bring the meaning to light.

She exhaled and rolled the scroll, placing it with the things she was taking with her and glanced back to the table and smiled slightly at the pair of journey books sitting there. She had just finished the enchantment with the help of the Alchemist’s guild a few days ago… in the coming months she imagined it would help both Calavel and Nesalla cope… their love was new and strong, but to be apart for such a long period of time would be difficult for both. Aysel had been glad when it finally blossomed, even though other news that came with that trip were not as happy… They had descended into the Durain Crypts with Mahvash Tasatir as she had suggested, and found that he who had been trying to get in contact with Nesalla was their Prince. It seemed that Karl and an accomplice were going to frame the planned murder of the king on the Vampires…

The planeswalker shook her head. There would be none of that for a year at least. The king had mysteriously taken ill and would not be able to visit Greenrock until he was in better health, and by the time he got better… the seas would be in no condition to be sailed on. Until then… things would be relatively safe for every one. Karl had Pyrus to deal with and vice versa, Avene would fade into the background for the time being with Eorindel training the rangers of Arta Alcar Meilikki in the icy hunting grounds of Elvenaar.

Citlatecpatl had vanished again with Tavarus, Damiem and Kronin… the planeswalker assumed it was to continue the search for Damiem’s father and the Avatar of Pelor. She assumed that Torin had left the plane for a time to care for Rayne and Reya… though he would not admit to their separation becoming clean… and Sera? Aysel was now to the conclusion that the blind sage that called herself Fumiko was Sera… but whether Sera knew she was Sera or any one else knew for that matter was unclear.

No one knew where Trileon Blackthorne had disappeared to… not even his business partner Brakern nor his superiors in the Durain army. The planeswalker assumed that he either finally decided to go home, ran away, or Mahvash finally got her paws on what she would have called his “pathetic hide”. She was leaning towards one of the two latter possibilities.

Zeta, as always was keeping a watchful eye on all affairs without raising suspicions, along with Mahvash and her employees continue to serve as a watchful eye of the Laughing Rogue. The others… had moved on and out of the Dark Swan’s sight and though it pained her at times… at least they were relatively safe.

Aysel glanced back to the journals. It would be a hard year perhaps… but not so hard as the trials before. Nesalla was leaving for the wilderness to commence new training… and Calavel and herself were going to the home of the moon elves and the Temple of Selune to seek the goddess’s permission for him to wield the moonblade. A knock came at the door and Aysel grabbed her pack and the journals. Looking one last time at her home, she opens it and steps out into the wilderness.

The road goes ever on…


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