Kamara Firalkar (2005 Version)

The Origins and early life of Kamara Firalkar called Olwana have faded from the memories of all but those close to her. What is known is that she born near the end of first millennia of the third age, a daughter of the Firalkar Clan thought lost by her remaining family; her brothers Nathor and Natael and her cousin Polk, until III 2945 when she was reunited with them after traveling to the Woodland Realm of Thranduil to join his army as a battle mage after hearing of the losses of the Battle of Five Armies.

That which had been called Greenwood the Great became her home, and a passion burned inside of her that grew until the trees and creatures of the earth were as much her family as her brothers, cousin and her brothers and sisters in arms.

Through this passion for the forest and Eä, Kamara inherited the Emerald, one of four jewels of powers created from the essence of the lost Silmarils–Emerald and Sapphire from that was lost in the depths of the sea by Maglor and Onyx and Ruby from the Silmaril that Maedhros threw himself into the fiery depths of Eä with in his madness–returned to Middle Earth with the coming of the Istari, granted to four elves who together became known as the Jeweled Mages, elected to battle against and hold the forces of the Necromancer until the White Council could set their plans into action.

It was the end of a four-day patrol; Kamara and her friend and brother in arms, Maxwell Rayne had broken from the rest of the group to investigate some orcish activity. Maxwell was the last surviving member of the Jeweled Mages; Wielder of the Sapphire, and when the two sat down for a morning meditation before going on to the orc camp, he observed her closeness to the earth, and as he concentrated on the Sapphire and the ocean his meditation took him, he felt the Emerald awaking from its slumber, and the ocean became a river running through the forest. He reached for Kamara in his meditation and showed her the forest, and followed her into it, and as she stood in the forest of the mindscape, the emerald appeared before her and when she touched it, it became part of her.

Together, the two attempted to heal the corruption that had entered the onyx, but though they failed, the Amethyst was rendered, and awoken from its shards, a jewel of the wind, and taken up by Anand.
The three parted ways in hopes that they would find one that could find one to wield the ruby and in turn find a wielder for the sacred untouched Pearl borne from the essence of the Silmaril that remains upon Eärendil’s brow; the morning and evening star. Anand traveled north, crossing the mountains, standing guard at Imladris, and dwelling with his kin among the Ring smiths, bearing the title Sage of Crystals. Maxwell journeyed to Lothlorien, giving his aid to the elves of the golden wood against the threats emerging from the depths Moria.
And when the Kingdom of the Greenwood came under siege, the Emerald Mage was counted among the sect of the army that stole to outside the cave fortress to fight for freedom from the shadows of the wood.

The three kept in contact through virtue of the stones, and they stood guard and searched as they could. Time passed and the siege continued, but it was not without happy moments. Kamara fell in love and was engaged, but not long before the wedding, her beloved was lost in battle, and slowly she grew weary. Her companions could not keep her from falling into the illness of heartsickness and soon enough she left base and wandered deep into the forest, disappearing from the world from every one but Anand and Maxwell, and they only a little, it was a faint reflection and pulse of her former self. A year passed… and the Emerald Mage slept, allowing the barren field of her heart to rest and heal as the earth would after a great fire. Silently Maxwell gave her what aid he could from afar, allowing quiet tendrils of water irrigate her heart and soul until the day she awoke with a new seed of hope and love within her. Leaving her engagement ring in the forest she emerged from the forest and returned to the land of the living, ready to fight against the Darkness for the Greenwood once again.


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