Daystorm tidbit

There was darkness first and slowly the scent of
lilac, daffodil, flowering trees, and rain. The ground seems to materialize
beneath her, thought it had been there all along, firm, slightly warm, there
is… grass… wet grass, she moves her hand through it and droplets of dew run off
her fingers causing a cool sensation to run through out her body. She is
suddenly aware of the silence, no birds singing, no rustling of leaves. The
wind sweeps past her, it is warm but there is a malevolent coldness in its core.
She opens her eyes, the light is overwhelmingly bright and she blinks a few
times, emitting a small groan she rolls to her side and picks herself up.

She looks at her surroundings for a moment; a walled in courtyard, there were
more types of fauna here then she had ever seen in one place and she had never
seen most of them in her life. The sky is a deep blue, there are some storm
clouds in the distance but they do not seem such a threat.  There is a
pool of water near the middle of the area and suddenly she finds that she is
thirsty, she walks to it and finds that the water is amazingly clear she cups
her hands and drinks it slowly and then finds herself staring at her own

Her ash blond hair is pulled tightly into a braid, though a few strands have
escaped, and her face looks like it was carved from sun kissed ivory, a few
freckles speckle her cheeks drawing attention to her hazel eyes. She brings her
hand to her face and touched her features, almost not sure they are her own, and
she comes to realize that she cannot remember what happened to her.


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