Saskia and Katana

Two hooded women moved with remarkable synchronized grace as they practiced their form against the straw filled targets of the training ground when a warrior strutted in with the attitude of a pompous peacock. Katana glanced at Saskia, making a few silent symbols with her hands. Both knew this man was going to be bad news… he had all the moves of a womanizing prick… but they had dealt with his kind countless times before, there was only one way it would only end one way unless he backed off…

…he didn’t back off. Katana bent over the body, rummaging through his belongings finding an oddly marked amulet. She examined it and then tossed it her sister.

That in any of the reports?


Katana frowned and then looked to the east, the sky was just starting to lighten and the two moons were setting.

We need to move the body before day break

Saskia nodded and took the man’s arms as Katana lifted his legs after carefully pouring an invisibility potion on him. The two slowly moved the body to the entrance of goblin lands and positioned him. Saskia made a few rough cuts across his body to implicate the goblins.

The two looked over their work and then exchanged glances.

I think some investigation is in order

Saskia nodded and went over the list of reports in her head.

There is a gypsy encampment in the forest.

Katana nodded, pulled up her hood and drew her ninja-to, Saskia followed suite and the two made their way into the forest. The sound of voices from up ahead marked the time for the two to fade into the shadows; two men were cutting down some of the smaller trees for firewood. Katana made a few quick hand signs to her sister and the two waited for a few moments, observing the two. They bantered quite loudly about the boss, their reason for coming to the area and some sort of… threat. Saskia looked to her sister, launching a query through hand signs.

Shall we dispatch these.

No. Seeking out the chief is more important

Saskia nodded and the two bypassed the two men, and following the river deeper into the forest. They arrive in the clearing housing the gipsy encampment in short order and stay in the shadow to observe the chief. This didn’t last long enough really, the chief’s dog caught Katana’s scent quickly, causing the woman to step out of the shadows.


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