The Immortal War-1

The elf approached her target. It was a contract kill, something she had taken not for the money, nor the thrill, it was for the knowledge, the little bits of truth she found in the last moments as death took the victim. If she didn’t take the contract, some one else would have been offered it. It didn’t matter who killed the contract, once there was a contract, the target would die. She stepped into the shadow and the stalking began.

From a distance– both near and far, a third party watched… helpless. She could not stop it now, could not alter what was to happen. All the efforts that the madness had driven her to take in order to stop this event were for naught. Now the madness was leaving, and her fate was sealed, as it was always to be. The kill that the elf was about to make was the turning point, the opening of the abyss, the piece of knowledge that would start a decay of her mortality, though she would not know it then. After, she would kill to stop the pain for only moments, but each would bring her more of the knowledge and more decay to her mortality.

The elf is on the target now, she jumps from the shadow and though he draws his sword, he is too slow. The assassin had been training for nearly one hundred and fifty years; this human noble had no chance against her. She draws her chi around her and strikes out with her palm, hitting the point exactly right. The man doubles over, the effects of the deadly attack are immediate; it creeps through the body like a slow poison, numbing each part of his body.

The watcher felt a pang of regret. It was not for the nobleman, he had deserved to die… ironically. No, the regret was for all she did in the madness. How many lives had she disturbed? How deeply had she tangled the pattern of fate… just to fail in saving herself from her fate? She sighs and the nobleman drew his last breath. The watcher looks on as Thanatos arrives and slices his scythe through the mortal husk of the corpse. The soul looks down at his body for a moment, he wants to linger, but he cannot, he has not the motive nor strength to avoid the current of the river of souls that will take him to his final destination. The assassin falls back after feeling the essence, the decay has begun… the pain infects both assassin and watcher and together they scream. For the assassin the pain has just begun… for the watcher it is gone, and so is the madness. The watcher closes her eyes, shedding one last tear… the last drop of her mortality.

A firm but gentle hand touches her shoulder, she knows the touch and turns and they embrace. He wipes the tear from her cheek and then kisses her. She smiles at him for a moment after they pull away and then raises her hood.
I feel whole again. Thank you.

He nods slightly and then his mind turns to more grim news.

Morana, Nox is growing stronger… he is gaining allies…


The incarnation of death shivered slightly at the news that Chronos brought. After she had killed Thanatos, and before the madness had set in, she had served Nox as she had served so many contract makers–an immortal assassin. When the madness set in he would not help her, he would rather her be mad. In her anger, and fear of herself she had fled, and Chronos had found her, knew her pain, loved her. He took her to the past because he knew that it was only there that her madness could run its course. Now she was whole again, and Nox was trying to return and with him would come eternal night.

Morana looked to Chronos, and he back to her; they were the immortal incarnations of Time and Death, and now they stood on the edge of the event horizon, the brink of war, a war that would be near invisible to all mortals, but would effect them all; The Immortal War.


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