Return (Mixed-Canon)

The blue haired elf moved silently through the woods, her great sword slung on her back and easily accessible. She had been creeping through the woods and goblin lands for a few weeks, taking note of the guards and activity.

A year had passed and she had learned much with her training in the lands near her home. She was almost a… new person. She had first stopped in Arta Alcar Meilikki, but the city was deserted except for Eorindel and the last few of the guards and elves. He had not recognized her at first, but after her realized her stronger and could only smile. He himself had taken groups of the guards of the city; The Silent Rain, to Elvenaar to train, and now… the new city was ready to house them, and soon they too would be returning there, there were only a few things left to move through the Khurnak Vortex.

The wild elf watched the gates of town now, taking note of the comings and goings when she saw a face she knew well, though… it was different. She moved her sword slightly to catch the monk’s attention, and soon the white haired elf was moving in her direction, and they walked together.

You have changed…

So have you…

I think we all have… on one level or another.

The elvenar exile looked at her friend carefully.

You’re stronger… I wonder… can… I… look?

The blue haired warrior nodded and the monk stepped nearer to her, looking into her eyes, the two stand, locked in the gaze for what seems to be an eternity. The monk takes a step back after a few moments then shakes her head.

Its still there… what I saw before…

What is? What do you see?

I… can see how people are going to die….

She frowns slightly…


When I look at you… I cannot see your death… that’s why I thought…

Mahvash… what happened to you?

I went to far… now the pain will never go away… I can kill and kill but it will only relieve it for small amounts of time… Don’t go too far Nesalla…

The wild elf frowns but says nothing. Finally she moves to hug her friend.

I need to go… keep moving… There is much to do.

The Monk of No Order nods silently.

I will see you soon my friend… good luck.

The wild elf nods slightly to her friend and the two part ways, for the first time in a year… but not the last, and only the first of a series of returns.


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