What Comes?

What comes? The heat and flame take their toll;
What comes? Aicanáro leaps to steal my soul.

Fire warms and fire touches…
Fire of life, fire of passion…
Fire that burned the earth to ashes…

What comes? The zephyr nears, its whispers cold;
What comes? Súlimë sings its songs of old.

Wind blows and wind hushes…
Wind of breath, wind of caprice…
Wind that blows away the pieces…

What comes? Tide has turned, step from the lee;
What comes? Celussë washes over me.

Water flows and water cleans…
Water of hope, water and rain;
Water that heals the shattered remains…

What comes? Now I wake from the silent deep;
What comes? Kementári watches from her keep.

Earth grows and earth revives…
From the earth a flower thrives;
It blooms forth, majesty enshrined…
Symbol of light; four souls entwined.

What comes?


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