Candrian was pleasant as always about lending his assistance, it turns out that our friend the portal jumper was on his bad side too… it was fortunate really, if Huldah had managed to cultivate both my wrath and Candrian’s it was likely he had upset others as well… I wouldn’t have to threaten him with death… only exposing him to the others… for most of them were less… desirable to have to deal with, so I get ready to walk, when I get pulled to the Café instead, to find myself in front of a not so happy looking man, full equipped in the “armour” of his plane and the woman called Kali not five feet away on the ground… from what appeared to be electrical shock.First thing was first, make sure Kali would be in less pain when she woke, then I turned back to the man who had just finished dealing with someone else who would have tried to stop him…not so violently but… I knew I couldn’t stop him… I had seen that look of determination before, so I tried to talk down the anger… to no avail, I let him go once I realized that the rising underlying current in his aura was psionic energy… he didn’t need any help, he had everything I needed.

I waited for Kali to wake up, I didn’t have to… there were plenty here that could take care of her… but I felt a slight bond… she was some sort of walker as well it seems, bonded to her goddess with the ring she wears…. I didn’t ask then, her life seems to be off right now, I know if any one had asked me of myself after my father died I would not be keen to answer either, but there will be time to reflect on Kali later.

The Psion, Stealth is his name… I see reflections of how Orlandu was and still is in him, the brash determination, hero complex, refusal of help… it is like Orlandu very much… like Maynard as well…. I know many men are like this, but in these three it is more then the mark of a man, there is a deeper quality there I can not describe entirely… they are all gifted, but punish their selves… but I do that too… so it is not that, its something in the soul, something deep inside… but it also can let loose the flaw… the gift is also the curse, hubris… Perhaps it will make more sense if I speak of Orlandu and how he came to be the way he is.


Orlandu was human, but when I first met him, he was a vampire and went by the name Kane, as I have mentioned before. He was cursed by a vile man , a wizard I only know as “Mainyu”, Orlandu did not speak much of the curse and still does not, but from what I’ve gathered, the two were rival lords at the court of their king, and Mainyu found his power by sacrificing Orlandu’s wife and children and then draining Orlandu himself of almost all of his life force in an attempt to make him his slave… instead, it changed Orlandu into Kane, stronger, faster, more violent, nearly immortal, and completely uncontrollable.

So Kane went into hiding and the Mainyu got his power, and after a while, a few centuries at least, Mainyu started to seek out Orlandu, the curse had made them both immortal, and Mainyu did not like being connected to his old foe. When I returned to our plane and met him, he was running from some of the royal guards of my house who had been paid off by Mainyu to get him out of the city and to an area he could strike… thus our encounter with the dragon he had gotten control of with a stolen relic of the dragon lords. We fought him, and freed the dragon, but Mainyu escaped, I hadn’t thought much on it because Kane had almost died after that battle, but if he had not, we would have never made haste to the castle. That was the night I gave him water that contained the blood of my half brothers and sisters, and when he regained his mortality.

After the castle, I was drained of both energy and emotion, I was the last of my line, and I had given all I had to stop it from being so. He took me to a cottage near the sea and took care of me, and after I could take care of myself again, he helped me do what was needed to help my people instate the new government, They did not know I was their queen, and I knew it was not my place to take over then, but instead, I founded their government, found a regent I trusted, a long time advisor of my father’s. Then… when I knew they would be alright… Orlandu came with me, he had nobody and nothing left for him in my world.

We traveled, and in time, I think much of the pain that Orlandu clung to from his past dissipated, in those fifty years we traveled together in the upper, lower and elemental planes we became close. I thought of him as a brother, and at times, I think… he wished for it to more… and maybe it would have become more… but in the void between upper and material, Mainyu challenged Orlandu, and his temper took over. He went after the wizard, and I was swept back into the material plane. Time works differently in the void, so in the few instants I was not with him; it was enough for him to be lost to me… Both Mainyu and Orlandu became lost in that void, lost to me. Losing him was like loosing my family all over again, and I mourned for a year in the elemental plane of water, my tears mixing with the great sea, then when I could cry no more, I transitioned into the fire, letting the dry emotion burn… the air swept me up until I was blown into the earth plane, and it was there I slept for another year until I found that I was needed somewhere, and I went.

But there was a storm that trembled throughout the planes, a reverberation that I felt and felt could change everything, and there was a shadow of something sinister, I barely made it to the material plane alive, It was by Celestian’s will that I portaled into a monastery dedicated to Heironeous. The priests put me into the care of a Journeyman Cleric called Maynard, and he cared for me until I was well again, much as Orlandu had, he reminded me much of Orlandu, his mannerisms, his guarded past and pains, Celestian had guided me to him for a reason, and I knew that from the start, so I stayed on that plane, first, solely because of Maynard, and then I began to notice other things about the plane, and what was going on… a cold undercurrent in a happy city, but that is a discussion for another time.

As I regained my strength, I began going on church missions with Maynard, and we fought many battles together, until one day, we encountered a group of bandits, and afterwards, though Maynard had used his powers granted to him by Heironeous to heal the wounds, an arrowhead remained, with a symbol that brought a wave of the past to the front of his mind… he told me his story… and then I admitted to being extra planar, and told him about Orlandu.

This triggered a reaction from him, in his heart he knew that Heironeous had left the arrow head as a sign that he could do something about Orlandu, and he felt a strange tie to the man, we returned to the Monastery and as I focused my thoughts on Orlandu, Maynard reached out and guided his soul to the stone arrowhead. I kept that stone very close to me, and part of me came to be at rest knowing that he was no longer lost. Little did I know then that was not the end the cosmos had in mind, not three months later, the Devil called Torin Sharwind was hunted and spied upon by his father and my familiar, a creature called a dragonet, Niatec attempted to case off the spy and was slain, her soul taken, but body remaining, after he Torin went temporarily mad, being alone was not the best of options, and with the Half Celestial, Reya’s help, I transferred Orlandu’s soul from stone to body.

Though he was greatful to have a corporeal form again, Orlandu was never very happy as a dragonet, and when the opportunity came, I gave my aid to Meilikki and the priests of her order in the Elvish City of Arta Alcar Meilikki, and though she could not make him human again, she granted him a form that suited him better, that of a white tiger, giving him a place on her astral plane.

I know each time I look at him he longs for his humanity, and he clings to it as much as he can, but perhaps, in time, when I die, he can also and ascend to the field of heroes to be rejoined with his family. Until then, he remains in me, a friend, companion and partner.


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