Retrieving the Blade

Huldah was… cooperative, wasn’t much of a surprise really, he’s a worm among men, one of the most pathetic and unfortunately… common types about Sigil. The only difference between he and the trash stuck in the city was a bit of luck and some sticky fingers.

I found him where Candrian said he’d be, enjoying the profits he made off of the sale of Calavel’s blade. It didn’t take long to “persuade” him to tell me who he sold the moonblade to.

I didn’t know the name, but he gave me what I needed to know… then I handed him over to the Mercy Killers.

Maybe it was petty of me, but the truth is, I don’t give a damn any more. I won’t have myself pulled like a puppet by my heartstrings… simply enough… I won’t be controlled.

Hell. I know in a way, this itself makes me more controllable.

With Huldah taken care of I ported to the mansion of the slimeball collector that now had Cal’s sword somewhere in his abode on a pedestal.

Getting in was easy, and his guards were laughable… and weren’t ready for an attack apparently the only thing they really managed were a few flesh wounds and shredding my cloak.

I got to the “display room” where the “connoisseur” was looking over the blade. He didn’t even notice me come in… I had my blade… my father’s blade… at his back before he could even move.

Then he did a really… really stupid thing.

He grabbed for the blade… and whirled around, holding it to my throat. For an instant, there was such a smirk on his face… and the next… pain… incredible pain as the blade took its toll on him, one unworthy to wield it.

My heart stopped for a moment, it was not a pretty sight to see at all. Countless enemies have fallen by my blades… but witnessing the divine discharge of the power of the blade is something no one can be completely prepared for.

With a sigh, I carefully took the blade from his cold hands, and slid it in the baldric I brought for it. My glance went over the room, looking for anything that might be of use to me, it wasn’t exactly stealing when the objects themselves were mostly likely stolen anyway. I threw a few things in my bag and then my eyes settled on a device that resembled something that Pyrus kept in his lab… a map of the planes, designed to be worn and indicate where one was… it had to be from the Greatball, I snapped it on my wrist and got out… stolen property or not, the Harmonium would put me on trial if they found me at the scene.

Not much later, after adding my new property and Calavel’s blade to my safe house I settled down at the Smoldering Corpse… no amount of wine will ever clear the images of the fool noble from my head… but for now… at least it will dull it.


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