Amala Wavedancer snippet.

A slow sigh escaped the druid’s lips as she slowly let her weight be held up by one of the trees that had survived the conversion from forest to farmland. The evening tide was slowly drifting out, the tide pools were coming to life. Normally, she would find solace in this, but her mind wandered on other things. She glanced up the shore, G’Karr was still there… fishing for supper for the bears, Silk, Bagira, and Vidar.


She knew that he was hurting, he had so much grief from everything that happened in the past few months, it was understandable that he would be hurting. It was foreign to her, she felt the same loss as he did… to a smaller degree of course, the elven blood inside her had changed her, the contact with the forest had changed her for that matter. No, it wasn’t his need to grieve that frustrated her so, it was how he was handling it, and who he was sliding the blame on. It was if he did not know how to grieve constructively, and the present was no time currently to throw a tizzy fit like a little child as he was doing.


The problem had begun when he had traveled back to the Mir with her, she had gone before to see if the sanctity of it had been broken like that of the High Road Druid’s Grove. It hadn’t of course, but things were in turmoil from the Great Shift. Many thousands of elves had died, and with the lost, monsters had moved in… and so had the humans.


G’Karr was livid over the appearance of the town on the edge of the Mir, he had begun blaming them for everything that was occurring. It wasn’t their fault, and they had lost friends and family too… there was even a small eternal flame that they had paid for in memory of all who died in the shift. At first she did not speak anything of it, though it upset her that he chose to think as he was, eventually he wandered into the Mir, his spite still burning, and when she found him fishing in the cove outside the grove, his attitude improved none at all, she found she could not hold the frustration in any longer. She had scorned him as much as she could without outright yelling at him, and made him realize how much his mishandling of grief was affecting her. It was too much, she could not baby him through his grief while there was so many other things that needed tending to.


The months had been hard, though the Drow could not use the tunnels any more, the drow were no using teleport magics almost all the time, they had attacked her again when she had spent the eve in an inn while on the road. The Dragon had not been seen for a time, but given his relationship with Lloth at the present, it was only a matter of time before he emerged again, and with her… it was bleak. There had to be someway to pull them apart, but it escaped her at the time.


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