Remembering Deneb

I was on my way to The Smoldering Corpse in Sigil to talk to Candrian when I managed to step through another portal this afternoon. Mostly when this happens I go ahead and open another one and get back to what I was doing in Sigil… (Thank Celestian I rarely need to go to that damned city of doors) but on this occasion, I found myself in a pleasant place called the Lunatic Café.After a few interesting conversations, a little boy who I’m quite sure was some sort of puppet or translation of another being… the other was of a kind I had not seen for some time, his name: Reid Xos, and his silver dragon ancestry was flaringly apparent to me. More interesting then his ancestry though, was the fact that he carries a sword that is only legend to the people of the Greatball. Nesalla reads books on the subject… books! I look forward to speaking to him more on the subject.

The real reason I speak on this though is after speaking to both Reid and the kid, I went into the apparatus they call “The Playground”. It creates simulations… extremely life like illusions of sorts.

I uploaded some of my memory into the machine. The Tunnels beneath the castle… the deaths of my stepmother, half siblings and father… the battle I fought with Orlandu there… I fought again. It went the same… It didn’t matter for all the skills I have acquired in the past half century… my father still died… my brother still fell to the demon that took him on the eve of his epiphany.

Do I still feel guilt for it? That I had left and when I came back to my world… my country was in shambles because of this… because of the demon… because perhaps my world needed Princess Kamara Olwana? Yes. I do feel the guilt… but now, I realize more then ever that Kamara Olwana, first child of King Cygnus II and the only daughter of Serena Starwander was meant to wander the planes. It is in my blood, it is my destiny… it is my calling.

So what did happen? Why did I go back that week, why was I called across the planes from where I wandered to return home? The demon that had taken over my brother helped him do so. He had convinced my brother that in order to have supreme claim on the throne that all that could claim the throne should be dead. So whilst I walked the great forests of Alboria, I had a vision, a vision that something horrible was going on in my homeplane, and that I should return. The surprises that came to me then were numerous, but the first was the man I met when I entered my plane. He was fleeing the guards… guards I knew to be of Cisne, the capital city of Mirlaiqua… my kingdom.

On instinct I helped him, and after disabling the guards we escaped into the sewers and made our way through the system until coming to a group of caves. It was then I found out he was a cursed man. He called himself Kane, and was some sort of vampire… not the traditional kind, though he was cursed to live half alive and half dead, needed blood to an extent to live and was sensitive to sunlight. We fled to caves that he called home, outside of the city. He was a wanted man, and the guards ever persued us. I learned some about him, and he me… though I never gave him my true name… to him I was simply Kamara Dreamloom… he thought no connection to Kamara Olwana of the Swan Dynasty. It was better this way, and as we traveled, fought together, and became closer. After weeks, we came to face a dragon controlled by the mage that cursed him to begin with, and after a long battle, though the dragon became free, Kane was wounded badly. I was able to transport him to a cave near an underground lake fairly easily, and treated him with a mixture of herbs and water, though I was fairly weak myself from portal jumping.

When we woke in the morning, Kane was changed… the curse broken. After a few shocked moments, he explained the curse itself, and its cure by exposure to blood of unjustly slain royalty. I paled at the thought… and then explained the situation to him… my true name and reason for returning to Mirlaiqua and he listened long and well. In the hour in which I thought he would abandon me, Orlandu gave me only acceptance. I say Orlandu, for that was his name, the name he bore before the curse, and the one he took again at the end of it… because it was the blood of my kin that healed him he decided that we were as well kin, and together we wove our way through the passage ways that lead to the palace. When we came finally to the dungeons… rooms that had not been used for years upon years… my stepmother used her last breath to tell me my youngest half-brother held my father captive in the throne room before dying among her other children. We fought through the guards, forced our ways to the palace main chambers, and there, in the throne room… my father lay dying. Orlandu fought off the guards while I spoke with him. I think he had been both surprised and glad to see me. It had pained him to see me in the past… I reminded him too much of my mother. But when he spoke to me with his last breaths, looked at me with the last light in his eyes, there was only love there. He was urgent in telling me where he hid the real crown jewels… his armour… everything, and then as the rebels who came to throw down my brother started knocking on the door, he died and my brother revealed himself… he wanted to fight… but I could not kill him… even with the demon possessing him. I fought him for only a brief time, making it so he could not move when the resistance broke in to take him prisoner.

Orlandu and I fled, but I remember looking at the shadows that fell upon the royal crest and the name I took after… Dunn’aelc… Darkswan. It was what I was, the surviving member and heir to the throne of Mirlaiqua. My strength was nearly gone, but that eve, Orlandu and I recovered the crown jewels, my father’s chain mail and helm, and now they are safe. We stayed in Mirlaiqua in a cottage on the sea for many months, there were guards that yet looked for us, ones still yet loyal to my brother who was beheaded by the resistance, and also the rebels sought the one that made his capture easy. I never revealed myself, but we gave our aide. I posed as a surviving priestess, and made sure my father, stepmother and half siblings were buried as they should have been. I kept watch of the newly forming government… one that vowed to protect the land until the lost heir returned. They knew the story of Kamara Olwana, lost daughter of the Swan Dynasty… but I knew that if I did return it would be in the distant future.


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