Acception of Fate

Artemis say that if I practice with pen, the tongue become more easy and more better.

He teach me letters. It. It hard.  But think Art be right. I have problem though. Problem is that I do not know what to write.

I can write what happen, where going it would be start.

Karl put us on boat. He put us south. Say it  away from battle. He star¦ war. Say town called Ashport  It make no change, Tiger woman say when in city need find thief woman.  I not like this, but it need happen, hard to trust thief. Hard enough to trust black elf snake but, that past need focus, focus on escape of Karl, and the baby.

I live for the baby now, and I thankful for Artemis. But It hard I I miss Kronin, and I pray for him and Damien every day.

Damien. No know if he even alive, caught in storm, seem long time ago. Kronin went to find him after help master.

Just need to keep going. I keep praying, and Pelor will help with rest.

Sun setting. Time for evening prayer cycle.


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