Meanwhile in the Realms

The past has reared its ugly head yet again. You’d think by now I’d know to expect it; but I suppose I let myself be lulled into the reprieve I gave myself during the time I spent

I was on my way back from a walk I took on the Moonsea when I felt myself being followed on the trail. I proceeded carefully until I knew for sure, hearing his footsteps as he walked ever so carefully between the trees. He was kin, I could tell that right away. Corrupted perhaps, but still kin. In a turn of the bend I picked up my pace and waited for him to come around, when he did, I launched a holding spell on him.

I circled him once before speaking, appraising him as well as I could. He was a cool one, concentrated, he knew what he was doing, and perhaps he could have taken me down before I had heard him. He told me as much before he spoke, he wanted me to catch him, knew that I would catch him even before stalking me¦ whatever it was he wanted, knew, or was sent to do, he had been well informed, he knew who I was.

One he began to speak, my fears were confirmed. I have only been back in The Forgotten Realms for a few months, but already someone knows I am here, someone I made an enemy of in the past; and they are willing to pay greatly for my life to end. I suppose I really did expect it, just not so soon; it was only a matter of time really, there were so many that would want me dead, I helped take down a near countless number of tyrants in this plane and others.

I’ve decided I won’t let there be collateral damage; not after I lost Luarria. I know I can’t do it on my own, but I won’t let the ranger put his life on the line, he has too much to live for, and he is young yet; still a child in the eyes of the people though I know he is mature enough to understand some things. Sharwind is here; and he has his allies.

All I can do now is wait, watch, and keep my ears open; I have Sharwind checking on a possible Waterdeep connection, Celestian knows I caused a few nobles more then a little trouble when I was on the plane last. And the assassin? Granted, he was only one¦ but he thinks I can give him something more then coin offered for my death and when the contractor realizes that this one is not going to kill me so soon? Goddess knows there will be others.

My options are obvious, I need to leave the plane or leave the region. The Forgotten Realms is a large place, It won’t hurt to go somewhere else in the realm, perhaps to the south…at least to escape the assassins momentarily, they can’t track me forever and if that fails, I shall leave the plane again, afterall, I’m just biding my time.


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