Lost Minds: Chapter One

The gnome woman let out a deep breath upon closing the room door, it had been a long day, and though she couldn’t say for sure due to the memory loss, she was sure it had been a long few months as well.

After setting down her recently purchased packages, she glanced at the bath that had been prepared for her and smiled slightly, a bath did sound fantastic at the moment. She stripped off the robes that she had found on the cursed ship; they had fit her perfectly,  but were they really hers? She couldn’t remember, it didn’t seem familiar or foreign, it just was, it was the same as her body, she recognized the lines and the curves to be hers, she knew she was beautiful as she stared at herself in the mirror, but it evoked no emotion at all. The question came up again in her head, and she whispered it to her reflection.

“Who am I?”

The reflection said nothing, and continued to be silent as she slipped into the warm water, cleaning away the smell of death and decay that still lingered on her from the ship. Finally she rose from the tub after scrubbing her skin and washing her hair with the soap she had found at the market and patted herself down with a towel before pulling out the simple but elegant silk bath robe she found at the market place from her packages and donning it. All things considered, there were worse places she could be, ones without warm baths and quaint shops.

The thought stopped her in her tracks again. Was she used to such fineries? Is that why she instinctually went for soaps and silks with the money she had after purchasing better equipment. Was it good to be asking such questions, or would they lead to self-destruction? Were the others thinking such things?

She laughed at this thought as she put away her other packages and the other set of robes. She doubted that any of them thought much at all, besides the dwarf, the ranger, and the kid. Not that it was a bad thing, she could do enough thinking for the lot of them, the brawn of the human warrior was a good thing, though she was sure the elf was going to get them all into trouble eventually; he acted like he was under the effects of a rigid thinking spell. She opened the last package and smiled again at her find, it was a journal of course, but the owner of the shop had no idea how special it was; he just saw it as a book with a blue linen cover silver bindings with a set in moonstone, but the special part of it was the pen that was enchanted into its spine and the lock mechanism. Yes, it was a wonderful find, and it would serve her well in the days to come. She tapped twice on its spine whispering the words that echoed in her head, opened the book, and took the stylus to the page.

I woke aboard a vessel that appears to have belonged to slavers, one of six survivors of the massacre; Paus, a human ranger; Redmont, a human warrior; an elf cleric with questionable sanity called Eldiirth; Drogan, a dwarven mage, and the boy. Of all of us, only the boy has his memories, his name is Ricaro, and he comes from a town in the Bloody Fang Empire called Blue Fish. He was locked in the stocks I freed him from with magic I suddenly had remembered I could summon, and was forced to watch as the slavers that had captured us performed horrific experiments on us and other slaves, leading to death. He also said something about glowing orbs placed in the bodies of those operated on. Perhaps we all have them, and these are what are blocking our memory, Ricaro said that some were taken from the bodies of the dead, so it is possible… my other thought is that they are what caused the undead that were on us when we finally were able to flee the hold of the ship. No matter what the slavers were doing to us, it was ended fairly quickly apparently by tall, ugly men, I have a feeling that we might be dealing with orcs or half orcs from how the lad described them, but it could be anything really, all I know, is I am going to keep the lad with me, the others think me crazy for dragging him with us, but I think he might be important, or perhaps not even what he appears.

For now, he makes for much more intelligent conversation then the rest of the lot, so it’s a win-win situation for me.

In any case, I am off subject. We escaped the hold with the help of some abandoned shelves, and Paus stayed behind until we could find rope or a ladder to get him out with. A horde of zombies awaited outside that hatch, I can only imagine they were what was left of the crew, after fighting them off, we entered the cabin of the ship, the captain and his first mate were likewise cursed, and fell easily with some blunt force by the elf and man. We recovered some equipment from inside there, and emerged from the cabin once again; coming to the conclusion we would have to cut the rope of the mast to free Paus.

Undead surprised us as we returned to the night air however, ghouls… whatever curse was upon the ship, and it was a horrible one for ghouls to be able to rise from slain zombies. We fought them off, but not before we had all contracted a sickness. Despite these difficulties, the rope was finally lowered to Paus, and to our surprise, he had found another survivor among the dead, a dwarven mage. Together, we descended to the docks and fought off more ghouls that found us, and then ran for the gates when skeletons began to descend from one of the other ships.

With a little persuasion we were allowed into the city, the Golden Delta of Ossecus Kingdom and gained the audience of Olli, the “mayor” of the city. For his hospitality, we have agreed to see to the mess with the three ships at the dock, but that is a matter for the morning, now it is time for rest, and given everything… I doubt I will have issues sleeping.

She closes the journal and blows out the candle near to the bed, allowing herself to drift to the realm of Mab.


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