Calm before the storm…

29 Rescario, 1998: Sigil

There’s something about Sigil that tends to bring a strange sense of calm over me, its even hard for me to understand. Maybe its because I can blend in, fade away from public view, something I tend to not be able to do as easily on the primes, even in the large cities true enough that I find solstice in Arborea, but its not the same as the strange calm I find in the City of Doors. Maybe its because I know there will never be a war there, no epic conflict that could pull me in and rip me in half. Perhaps it is the blockade that the Lady of Pain has on the deities that blocks them from entrance or it could be that its because I know that with the right portal key I can go anywhere, except that I can’t get back to the place I truly want to go… because it was luck that I got there last time, and if I can get back… I sure as the nine hells better be sure I don’t leave until my business is finished, because if I don’t… I doubt I could ever return again. A quarter of a century ago tomorrow, a storm that brewed in the plane of shadows woke me from a sleep of sorrows and dared me to cross the planes to the Greatball… and now… I fear though I left it to retrieve something that belonged there… I may never be able to get back.


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