Homecoming Part II

30 Rescario, 1998; Plane of Shadow

Black lightning scorched across the sky as Aysel stepped into the storm that shook the foundations the plane of shadows. Her senses tingled violently, the last time she had stepped into the plane during a storm she was thrown to the Greatball with only a fraction of her strength left. She couldn’t let it happen again, she had too much to get done to be too weak to move for another month.She surveyed her surroundings carefully before moving from the shelter of the arch and after summoning Orlandu, she used the planar map she had recovered at the same she retrieved the moonblade to create a portal into the Greatball.

30 Rescario, 1998; Mîrbeleg Forest ,Ossecus

The walk was perfect, she had placed a mark in a cave not far outside Greenrock on her property in case she should ever need to come back. She breathed easy, running her hand over Orlandu’s head and back before going to her emergency supplies. A cold wind whipped its way into the cave, causing Aysel to shiver slightly, she had spent so much time in Sigil that she had forgotten how cold a true winter could be. She turned her eyes to her reserves, spotting the fur lined leathers and cape that Nesalla had given her before they had parted ways.

Not much later the planeswalker emerged from the cave into the freezing rain, armoured, armed and packed with enough provisions to at least get her from the Khurnak Portal she was planning to take over the Red Mountains, and through the majority of Ethariel on foot. It would take at least a month to get to Mirnilu, the grey elf city on the boarder of the Eof Icelands, but Aysel was determined to return the moonblade before anything else could happen to it. However, before leaving Ossecus; she had to make sure that no one had left word for her.

All of a sudden, she stopped in her tracks; the door of her residence was open, and various pieces of rotting furniture and books were scattered across the yard. It was impossible… unless someone broke the wards, and no ordinary thief could have done it.

With caution she entered her violated sanctum. Everything was gone, her mirror to activate the ring of holding had been shattered, the books and clothes had been gone through, most of them destroyed or ripped apart. Aysel shook her head, she should have expected something like this, but her wards had been ripped to shreds, and any word that any one had left must have been as well. After she was certain there was no one about, she set Orlandu to watch the door and examined the remains of the wards. Avene. For some reason Aysel wasn’t surprised. She’d deal with it in time.

“There’s nothing left here, lets go check the Rogue, then we’ll be on our way.”

30 Rescario, 1998; Greenrock,, Ossecus

Her foot hit the wood floor and the sound echoed through the empty building and the complete absence of sound slightly shook the confidence she had moments before. She shifted her weight slightly, activated her invisibility ring and put her hand to her rapier while Orlandu padded up beside her.“Rather empty in here.” The large cat snorted empathically to the elf.“Yes… it is… I wonder…”

Aysel closed her eyes a moment and then shook her head. The place was abandoned… and had been for a while. Datson had most likely had orders to move on and if Protheus had returned here after he had visited her in the Mirnilu… he had left no trace.

The planeswalker sighed, “Ok, we’ll check the guild room and his private apartments and then we’re out of here.”

She hit the switch behind the counter and walked towards the secret door; she was about to walk through when she felt magic vibrate in the air. She approached the door and held her breath.

Orlandu sniffed the air and shrugged as well as his tigerish form would let him.

“It smells familiar… but I can’t place it.” He growls to her.

The planeswalker nods curtly and activates wards of her own. She draws her rapier and Orlandu acts as her eyes as he pads ahead of her. They come to the end of the passage and turn,

Orlando growled slightly and sniffed the air.

The smell… what was it…

There.. in the shadow… The tiger pounces. but as he does, he is struck down and a pain hits the planeswalker as they begin to be severed.

She gasps as the pain grows, then falls to her knees… her rapier clatters against the wood as it hits the floor, but not a word comes from her lips. She strains her eyes and sees the shadowy outline of her attacker, her blood begins to boil, but she can do nothing, the ripping of the bond between Elf and panther is too much.

She struggles to keep herself aware, but even as she does, her eyes close and cannot reopen, and as her consciousness falls away at last, she only feels his presence leaving, and knows that she would hunt him down, even if she had to kill off a good amount of his race to do it.


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