A few more custom pieces I found in the ether…

Loc’s Wizard Ring

From a distance, this fine ring seems to be only a simple but elegant gold band that was accented with white gold on both rims and inlayed with a single milky white adamant stone. However, on a closer glance, you soon come to realize that this ring was not just forged from a mold, but woven from the two metals around an unseen golden core. The adamant sits beautifully inset upon the core with the white gold framing one side of its round glossy surface and the yellow gold framing the other. When worn on the finger of a magic user, the remnant magic that was used to craft it comes to surface, and when a spell is cast, the gem glows with the energy of the spell.

Peering on the inside of the ring, you can see a small smith mark. <=

Someone’s Carimeril bracelet

From a distance; a beautiful bright red rose bloom corsage with baby’s breath, wound about the wrist with dethorned stem and silver ribbon that comes about into a bow near the bloom. On closer glance; carefully crafted, thin fancy cut rubies and tiny pearls, set in green gold pulled into leaves and entwined with silver pulled and hammered to appear like ribbon. The piece is suprisingly light, and though it appears delicate and fragile, it seems quite sturdy for all its detail. Underneath the forged foliage is a delicate smithmark: <=


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