Outline for new Mavash background

Outline of The rewritten tale of Mahvash Tasatir- The prelude to the Aspect War

-Elewtherian, born without magic.

-The birth of an Elewtherian without sorcererous power was nigh unheard of in this era, and therefore would have brought great shame to the Tasatir bloodline.

-To hide this shame, Guede and Anika Tasatir sent fee to the church of Vero’lak to send an assassin of the monks of no order, to kidnap and slay the child before the community could learn of the child’s nature

-The assassin however, felt some tie to the child (perhaps due to the fact she was in fact the aspect of death in mortal form) Instead of killing her, he left her at an Elewtherian monastery that revered Balae and Karil.

-The Elewtherians treated the girl as an indentured servant, and were quite cruel to her (ahh the joys of racism),

-Mahvash spent her nights studying from the ancient books of the monastery, and observing the monks whom practiced in the courtyards during the day, and eventually they hit the last straw, the slaughter was brutal, and yet when it was near done, the Assasin Aion came from the shadows, applauding her, for he too had been an outcast of the Elewtherians.

-He took her to Elvenaar and trained her to be skilled as he in the arts of unarmed combat

-Her final test in her training was to kill him, and he forced her into it, breaking her in half. Her immortal aspect was set free in this action and walked free in the body that had belonged to Aion, thus setting Morana free on the world in the form of a crazed amoral maniac. (Mahvash was unaware of this).

-Mahvash would wander the ice of Elvenaar for a time allowing herself to be devoid of emotion due to the fact that Aion was the only one she had ever loved up to that point.

-Morana settled in the eastern lands, taking over a temple of Etha in Hon territory, making her own plots.

-Mahvash left Elvenaar, finding that there was good money to be paid to an assassin in the Bloody Fang Empire. Later she would take up a mercenary contract with Slavers and travel to Northii, eventually finding herself in Greenrock, Ossecus.

-She encountered the people who would become her friends, and eventually, though she had become used to her assassin lifestyle, she would slowly let her emotions free.

-Morana would encountered these adventurers that Mahvash would call friends, when she invaded the Temple of Sheela to seize the Black Pearl Eorindel had left in its keep and they came to claim it back.

-Morana would give it back when she realized Mahvash existed, feeling her presents on her friends. She would begin to play cruel games on these friends of Mahvash.

-Aion would reveal himself to be the aspect of time in mortal form who’s immortal conscience had been reawakened when he had incidently caused the split of Mahvash and Morana by making her kill him.

-With some help from the adventurers he would begin to try to set up a reunification of Morana with Mahvash, realizing that the incidental split was causing Chaos to emerge from her slumber that was part of the seal that kept Nox and Hermera (the aspects of day and night) balanced and bound to celestia and abyss.


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