The Saga Siblings

The Saga Siblings were what most would refer to as “vanilla” humans hailing from suburb of Paragon City until on their vacation to Founders Falls where they encountered the Kheldians.

When the siblings heard about the need for hosts, they were sympathetic to the cause.

The eldest sibling, Sheilla volunteered to be host to a symbiote and became a hybrid with the Peacebringer Kheldian better known as Mac. Leah and Sean weren’t about to leave their sister to go it alone though, and requested they be allowed to help her.

Leah, an undeveloped empath received training and technology to help quickly develop her natural abilities that projected her own energy and was also given gauntlets that would help her harness electrical current and protect herself and Sheilla from Quantum energy.

Sean, on the other hand, the muscle bound guy he is, found himself skilled with claw weapons, and trained with Kheldian warriors in the ways of meditating to quicken his healing.

When the three got back to Paragon City, they went to work at whatever they could do to help the Kheldians and the city.


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