Homecoming Finale

1 Tenebrae, 1998; Greenrock, Ossecus

Awareness returned to Aysel near dawn, and the fact she was still alive almost disappointed her.

It didn’t make sense… why wait there for her, severe the link between herself and Orlandu and then just leave her there? It was almost as if he wanted her to hunt him down.

The planeswalker sighed. So much for the vow she had made to herself about not letting any one control her. Fine. She’d do what he wanted her to do and chase after him… but she would make him wait, at least until she took care of Calavel’s Moonblade.

Every muscle in her body hurt as she slowly pulled herself off the guildroom floor determined not to let it slow her down. A quick survey of the room led her to believe neither Protheus nor Datson had been there in a while… even the shrine to Satur was covered with a large coat of dust. It couldn’t hurt to have the thief god’s blessing on her trip and raid of the Guild’s resources, however abandoned they were, so she dusted it off and set some incense burning while she rummaged through what had been left behind, still hoping for some correspondence.

Datson had left the note from Artemis relating the last of what had occurred before they themselves were forced south in the company of a woman in white robes. “Avene… or whoever or whatever the hells that monster masquerading as an Elewtherian was…” the planeswalker thought to herself and sighed.

Karl had made himself a war, and she wasn’t really sure who was the biggest threat any more. She had been so sure of herself, so sure of her interpretation of wrong and right… so sure of the path she walked and the people she had lent her aid to. Why and how had everything changed? Or had it always been shades of gray and she never stopped long enough to look. The thought sent a cold feeling through her. “I’ve never stopped long enough to wonder if I was wrong about…everything.”

She finally shook her head. There was no point in wondering if she was wrong now, she just needed to keep moving… trust her instincts… her instincts told her the sooner she got rid of Calavel’s blade… the sooner things could become more clear. Besides… plenty of time to be unsure of herself when she was face to face with Pyrus… the one that was making her feel so unsure.

2 Tenebrae, 1998; Somewhere in the southern mountains of the Wild Ethariel Republic

Aysel stepped out of the Kurnak Vortex, surprised that she hadn’t had any trouble at all withdrawing the balance of her Greenrock Bank Account in platinum pieces. She had expected resistance… but it had been two decades, and Karl was busy with his war, and human memory was more fragile then those of the elves. She counted herself fortunate, there hadn’t even been a guard on the Greenrock Portal.

She gazed out over the plains and nodded to herself. A nice long hike on solid ground… would be a good… new beginning


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