Nesrin was eyeing the large muscle-bound guy with red skin and bullhorns before he even saw her. It wasn’t that uncommon to see guys like this around Mercy… but… he just had some sort of gravity field and she felt like she was being quietly drawn in.

“Eh. What da hell, why fight gravity” she whispered to herself and walked toward him after watching him beat the hell out of a few snakes.

“Yo…. Bull Boy, Kalinda havin’ you sort out these snakes too?”

Turned out he was, and they took out the pests together. Working with him was just so natural to her. His name was Dominus Magnus, and he was the avatar of the Norse Fire God, Sutur. It almost surprised her how much he turned her on, and continued to as they kept working together. She held back though, her body may have been jumping for Dom, but her heart was still a mess after what had happened to Stormbow.

No need for Dom to know much about that though, until she was absolutely sure she was ready to move on with him. She flirted and traded banter with him, even took to calling him Babe from time to time. He mostly called her hotpants and things on that line, she didn’t mind it.

There were moments that wanted to make her propel towards him and let her vulnerable side fall out for a bit. They had been fighting in the sewers and several council came up behind her… guns blazing and he charged at them, yelling “No one shoots her!”

She didn’t know he cared, another surprise for her, though when she mentioned it he made some comment about needing her to watch his back.

It frustrated and confused her… maybe she needed to go back to sleeping around until things were more straight in her head… it was a thought at least.


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