Up the Foodchain… again.

Nesrin stretched after she hopped out of the Arachnos Helicopter. It was good to be out of the hell hole that was Zig Pen. Price wasn’t that bad either. She technically didn’t HAVE to get involved with Arachnos, but what the hell really, it’d give her something to do, and an easy path to the big time, until she could lure her sister into a trap.

After that… well… it’d be interesting. She’d never dream of killing Ayla, but keeping her in a cage and using her… well; that was another matter entirely. She grinned wickedly at the thought. It’s just too bad that Stormbow wasn’t around to see it. The Longbow and Ayla would pay for that… severely.

She used to move around in the gangbanger circles, had even dated a few Skulls here and there, though they weren’t so much of relationships as chains of robberies and sex. Not that she minded, she was able to use the idiots well, which was all that mattered to her at the time.

That all changed when she met Stormbow. He had kidnapped her, thinking that she’d be good Ayla bait. That was true enough, but then he got talking to her, and realized there was so much more potential there. They became partners, and eventually… lovers; he had never been so successful or infamous. It went on like that for almost a year… and then Stormbow had a run in with Ayla and the Wyvern, leaving him in bad shape; what was worse is the Longbow had snagged him with a tracker and hadn’t told Ayla… they followed him back to his base… and killed him. Flat out murder, he died in Nesrin’s arms… the only thing he had time to do was give her the gauntlets that gave him his power. The Longbow had promptly arrested her, icing on the cake for them… kill the supervillain and shove his mourning girlfriend with a record into prison.

Given her record, they denied her bail… it hadn’t mattered really, her lawyer wasn’t even painting her any picture of being out soon. Good thing she hadn’t paid for him… Ayla did that, the stupid bitch thought that if there were a good lawyer involved then her sentence would be short and she’d be able to “help”.

Thank god Arachnos had pulled the break. She didn’t think much of the whole “destined” thing, but that didn’t really matter. Out of Zig… was out of Zig, and there were definitely worse places to owe work to these Spider Freaks then the Caribbean.

After a quick chat with Kalinda, the Fortuna Seer they had babysitting her, she was off to start working her way up the food chain… again.


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