Darkswan… to the rescue?

“Hey Pyr, yeah, its Jinlan…”

“Aysel’s friend.”

“Yes the crazy one with the Robot fetish… good god, you’d think you’d know my name by now.”

“Riiight… anyhoo…Is Aysel there? I tried calling but she’s not answering her phone…”


“Oh my… ok yeah, I’m sorry I asked slash interrupted… but would you mind not giving me specifics next time? I’d rather not know when Aysel is doing kinky things with her powers.”

“Uh huh.”

“Well… since she’s “tied up” at the moment, you mind just sending her over to the condo when you’re done?”

“Ok, great… Oh one more thing… could you call Dominus and tell him Day isn’t going to beable to hit up Kings Row today?”

“No, I’m not going to tell you why…”

“Damnit Pyr… just finish fucking your girlfriend so she can get over here to help us.”

Jinlan snapped her cellphone closed and sighed. “Men are idiots… yet another reason the robots have my affections.”

Nesrin laughed despite herself. “Is there really anything that would convert you to liking men Lan?”

“Welll… there are those cyborg guys… they’re pretty hot… except you know… for the fleshy parts.”

Rin rolled her eyes and stared at herself in the mirror again. When she had put on the gauntlets that morning after getting over her first shock of the day and getting dressed, the damn things had gone gold and the heat they expended burned her good clothes while converting any metal she had on her into a very revealing… well something… it wasn’t a suit of armour, but as much of her skin that was showing that she didn’t think it counted. “I don’t get it… Kyle never mentioned anything like this happening to him… its insane… and… I liked those clothes.” She mumbled.

“Well… maybe nothing like this ever happened to Kyle… he was a guy, you’re a gal. We’ll know more once Aysel gets here and we go see that ex-MAGI agent.” Jinlan took an appraisal of Nesrin’s current outfit. “We’ll have to go shopping too I think, you’re going to need new boots… and if you still want to use gold barbed wire for jewelry, we’ll have to stop and get some of that too.”

“Doesn’t matter… I’ll still look like a frakin’ stripper.”

“And you’ll beable to distract most if not all of the people you beat the shit out of before they even see the energy bolts coming.”

“Yea but…”

“Stop making a big deal out of this until we figure out what happened and if you can control it or not…”

“Yes mom.” Nesrin sighed. She just wasn’t having a very good day so far at all, and having Jinlan lecture her like her mother never had was not helping anything.

“Hey dear… its tough love time… it could be a million times worse so cut the crap arriiiight?”

The doorbell rang, sparing Day from having to come up with a response to that.


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