Jinlan is the best roommate EVER.

Nesrin threw herself at her bed… it had been a long day, even if it had been a blast. Atlas Park had never been that fun or profitable. And Dom… he’d been fantastic, ‘course it was always entertaining when he broke people’s spines. Then of course he’d told her about how his brother was running around Paragon asking questions… and was seen with a girl that looked a lot like her. She was going to have to punch Ayla’s face in… gah. That part didn’t matter so much, if anything it meant they’d be spending more time together, that’d got her blood pumping. She still wasn’t sure she was ready for him… but she’d been thinking about it more and more.

She sighed and glanced at the picture she had of Stormbow and herself on her dresser. Damn. She missed him, but it was waning… would it be horrible if she moved on? She rolled over and stared at the ceiling for a bit, pondering it when she heard the sound of the door opening.

“Jinlan, that had better be you ‘cause I’m not getting up to blast an unauthorized intruder.” She yelled out the door of her bedroom.

The Chinese American girl stuck her head in the door. “Long day, Day?” She paused a moment and giggled. “Day, day…. Oooh ‘Rin… you’re going to have to put me out of my misery.”

Nesrin sat up and glared at her roommate. Jinlan winced a little. “Oh come on Nesrin… lighten up a bit. I heard you and Dom made a mess of Atlas Park, you should be estatic.”

“Yea… I guess.”

A concerned look came over Jinlan’s face and she came over and sat on the bed. “What’s wrong sweetheart?”

Nesrin glanced over to the photograph.

“Ah.” Jinlan bit her lip. “OK, you see… that right there? That’s why I prefer my bots… they get blown up, I can repair them. No need to worry about them being gone forever, cause even if their harddrives get fried, I have them backed up every 15 minutes through satellite to my computer.”

Day shot her a look.

“Riiight. Not helping.” Jinlan sighed. “Hun, it’s been a year since you lost him, and lots of things have changed for you since then.” She glanced at the picture. “I know you loved Kyle, but he’s not coming back… and even if you could make him, he’d be all rotty and gross and stuff.” She paused a moment. “Though I could maybe fix that and modify things so he’d be a cyborg… But I figure that’s not what you want.” She looked at Nesrin, shooting her a large grin, but not getting a response. “I was joking, sweetie… can’t you just give me a little smile?”

Nesrin had to admit Jinlan was right, and though she would have liked to be moody all night, she really couldn’t. She finally let out a laugh.

“There’s a gal.” Jinlan eased the grin into a smile and jumped up from the bed. “Now come on and get changed, it’s Lady’s night at Pocket D.”


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