She wishes it had been the tequila…

It was early in the morning when Jinlan and Nesrin got back to the apartment. They had met Aysel at the Tiki Lounge of Pocket D, and Jinlan had her robots Eorindel Beta and Protheus 1.29 up acting as both buffers and cabana boys.

Jinlan and Aysel had done some of their graduate work together and Nesrin had met Jinlan during the breakout. Rin and Lan had decided to rent a condo together after realizing they were going to save for their bigger plans as they had talked on the helicopter ride to the Mercy Isles. (Besides, Jinlan hated for Nesrin to be on her own knowing what she had gone through.)

The three of them hung out together at the club on a regular basis, mostly for the fact that they could just sit back there. While pulling jobs was fun, it was also work… it was nice just to sit back at times and not think about who to beat up or rob next.

It was interesting listen to Aysel talk, she was originally from Ireland, of a minor lordship, so when she picked the alias “Lady Darkswan” it was because she was literally Lady Swan gone Dark. Between the clinical trials of a memory drug Crey was testing and her chemistry research work, her whole brain had upped activity, with the interesting side effect of having most of her inhibitions gone… so much so that when she told you a story of something she did and you thought it couldn’t possibly be, it likely was, add that to the fact her accent was something of a musical lilt and she entertained you for hours.

Add that to the fact that Jinlan would program her bots to do the strangest things, and the nights that they went were a load off of Nesrin’s mind, not to mention that she slept a whole hell of a lot better when she had alcohol floating around in her blood stream.

By the time they did get home though, Nesrin had about enough energy left to peel off her clubbing clothes, slip her pj’s and collapse into bed before she drifted into a dream…

She was in Stormbow’s tower, waiting for him get back and give her some good news about the heist… or at least she thought she was. The light shifted, and she realized she was the one on the throne, and it wasn’t his tower… it was hers.

She looked over her court, there was a second throne next to hers… currently empty but obviously used. To the side of the room in an intricate cage was her sister, hooked up in someway that was using her icy powers as defense of the tower. A wicked grin grew on her face and she could feel the unbelievable power of the gauntlets flowing through her.She closed her eyes for a moment and knew all of a sudden he was there. His power and his darkness boiled out of him, it was intoxicating and she knew she could drown in him. Her eyes opened, and he appeared slightly different then he actually was, but it was still him. He came to her and led her from the throne room into their bedroom…

She woke up with a hell of a headache and rubbed the grit out of her eyes before hopping out of bed and stumbling into the bathroom. One look in the mirror made her realize it wasn’t because she had too much tequila the night before. She was still staring at herself in shock when Jinlan got up.

“Hey Day, how’s…” She stopped mid-pun when she saw her roommate. “…the Hell!?!”

Over the course of the night Nesrin’s hair had turned a silver color with a bluish sheen, grown out to the middle of her back and a set of four small goldish horns had emerged from her forehead.

“What happened?” Jinlan blurted out after she recovered her ability to speak.

“ I… don’t really know… I… had a dream last night… I woke up in the middle and my head felt like it had exploded.” Nesrin replied sheepishly.

“…A wet dream gave you horns… oh god… I think I need to go lock myself in my room before you kill me…” The little chinese woman started laughing her head off and retreated before Rin could react.

She stared at herself for a big longer. “NOT FUNNY in the LEAST BIT!” she finally yelled back at her roommate before grumbling to herself and stepping into the shower.

A nice hot shower later and she was feeling a bit better, she was a concerned about it though, and kept thinking back to her dream… Did Dom have something to do with this? She sighed and patted herself dry then went into her room to get ready for Kings Row.

The next thing Jinlan heard was a very loud explicative coming from the general direction of Nesrin’s room.


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