Don’t call him Bill…

First thing Aysel did when she got to the apartment was look over Nesrin with a cold stare which she finally ended when she emitted a single syllable. “Oh.” Then she had unholstered her phone and made a call.

“Oh” what? “Oh, this is what Jinlan interrupted your kink fest for?” Was all that Nesrin could think when she did that. It was hard to read Aysel some times, didn’t help that her eyes were completely black.

Apparently it wasn’t that, she was just thinking too fast to keep Nesrin in the loop.“Ok. William will not be back in ‘is office until this afternoon, we will have ta get the shopping done first.”

She had done her best not to flip out when Ays had said that. Nesrin wasn’t very keen on going out in public dressed as is, and her previous attempt to take off and put back on the gauntlets led to the same result, and William would want to see the result of them being on any way.

The mall could have gone better really, but it also could have been worse certainly. Nesrin didn’t ever want to hear a horn/horny joke ever again. After a few hours of visiting every shoe and accessory stop in the building, They found some boots that fairly well matched the armor… “thing”, and Jinlan decided Nesrin needed some blue lipstick, which actually didn’t look too bad.

The jeweler’s was pretty much an in and out thing, being that Aysel walked in “convinced” the guy to give her a set of gold barbed wire jewelry and then walked back out.

The extremely long part of the day had been talking to Aysel’s Ex-MAGI contact. His office was fairly small and cramped, he worked as a fence out of sharkhead and he made a lot of good money from it but he avoided big attention as much as possible so he kept his office small and his warehouse location secret. He also happened to be an expert with magical items and had lifted Freedom Corps’ database of info on the subject from them before he took off with half the things they had in storage a few years back.

Aysel introduced Nesrin to William and then excused herself… William then gave Jinlan a scowl… there must have been some history between them. “Dr. Wu… if you would be so kind as to vacate my premises before you reprogram another golem?”

“OOoh Bill! You have one?” Her face lit up.

He shot her another glare at her and she sighed. “Fine fine, I’m going… Rin… I’ll see you tonight, k?”

After Jinlan was gone, the man turned back to Nesrin. “Sorry about that Ms. Day, Last time she was in here she started monkeying around with a golem like it was one of her own, and the buyer was not happy.” He gave her a smile and beckoned her to sit down.

“I’m going to be frank with you, I’ve been waiting to see if you’d contact me and I’m glad you did.”

Nesrin arced an eyebrow at this. He responded by handing her a file. “You see Ms. Day, I catalogue and track magical items… and those gauntlets you have there? Those are category three.”

“Category three?” She opened the file and flipped through it… it was all on the gauntlets.

“There are several categories magical items fall into… the most well known and common are category one, items that were enchanted or cursed on purpose, with a spell or pure magic… you know the type.”

Nesrin nodded slightly indicating that he could go on.

“Type two are known as possessed items as they have a spirit of some sort or another bound to them. Your sister’s belt is one of those. Her’s is benevolent of course, but there are others of the type that are possessed by malevolent spirits that will take over a person.”

“So… why exactly is she stuck as a “magical girl” then?”

William laughed. “Suffice it to say, she’s not actually. From what I’ve got on file, Rama, the spirit of the belt, could change what the power manifests like at any time, but he likes his masters to learn on their own.” He looked over her. “I take it you asked because you were hoping it had something to do with your current situation?”

She nodded and then went wistful at his next words. “I’m afraid its not that simple.”

She cursed and he waited for her to calm down.

“Category three’s are unique, none of them are ever quite the same. What is the same though, is their original owner was powerful, so much so that the item became their phylactery, except along with their soul, their power lies there as well.”

“So… you’re telling me that these contain the soul and power of a guy that went by the Storm Lord?”

“Actually… no. “Stormlord’s Mantle” is the name they got along the way, once it began being past down from masters to apprentices. That’s all in the file though, and not really all that interesting. Lord Stormbow, aka Kyle Archer, was just one of many to own the gauntlets.”

“But what’s happening to me never happened to any of them?”

“Right, because the soul that is stored in those gauntlets has been dormant for millennia… until they were past to you that is.”

“So… what’s it mean?”

“It means that your soul and her soul are beginning to merge for some reason or another, you aren’t just going to be unlocking secrets hidden by those gauntlets for centuries, but they will actually grow more powerful because of you.”

“Her soul?”

“Oh. I’m getting ahead of myself.” He cleared his throat. “Audra.” He paused and waited for a reaction. Her spine tingled and she could feel the power moving in her. He nodded. “Her name was Audra, and she was a Tiefling sired by the union between Thor, the thunder god and a female storm demon… or “giant” as the Norse tended to call them. Audra was the beloved of Sutur… demon of fire…” He looked up at her and noted her reaction. “I can see you’re familiar with that name… there’s a verse in that folder about him and his job at the end of the world go ahead and read it.”

Nesrin flipped through the pages and the tingling went through her spine… “Surtur from the south wielding fire. The gods’ swords shine in the darkness, like stars in the night Mountains collapse into rubble And fiends shall fall Man walks the road to ruin as the sky splits in two.”

“It’s a rough translation… but at the end of time, Sutur is to come up from the south with the giants… the demons as that says… but what isn’t there… is she will be with him… the lightning that helps split the sky, the hail that falls on Man on the road of ruin.”

“In other words… they belong together.”

“Yes. Now you don’t have to tell me about it, as I’m sure you’ve worked some of this out in your head now, but obviously he has made her stir, and that is why these changes are occurring to you. Your souls are blending, so at first you will have little control over things…” He waves his hand at the offending garment. “Eventually though, you and she will be the same person, and I think you’ll find that you will know things… though she will have no presence in your mind… only in your soul.”

“That’s… a lot for me to take in for now.”

“I assumed it would be, but it’s better that you know.”

“Yea… it is… thanks… um… what do I owe you?”

“Eh… on the house, and you can keep that folder too, I have it all backed up. Just let me be your personal fence for magical items and I’ll call it even.”

“Heh. Ok. Will do. Thanks William.”


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