Small Comforts

Day leaned against the top of the submarine and stared out at the Caribbean.

After the day before she had a hell of a lot to think about… she hadn’t even bothered to talk to Jinlan when she got home. Considering Jinlan had been busy reassembling one of her bots in the lab… the Kronin model she thought, it worked out for the best… she was always preoccupied when she was up to her elbows in lubricant.

She had left her phone on her dresser that morning… Dom had called, wondering why she had canceled.  She was about to hit his speed dial when she hesitated. Did he know? She wasn’t quite sure how his link with Sutur worked. The demon was probably aware of Audra, but there was a question of if Dom was consciously aware of her and was using that fact to lure her in… or if the gravity pull of it was affecting him just as much as it was affecting her.

She really hoped it was the latter, she wasn’t sure if her heart could take it if he was luring her in knowing full well she couldn’t resist.  He wouldn’t do that… would he?  She didn’t think he would… thus far he had shown her nothing but respect… but she knew perfectly well what seemed and what was were definitely not always the same.

She had glanced at her picture of Kyle and then back to the folder that William had given her she sighed a bit before opening it up and reading until she drifted off to sleep. When she woke up she called her broker who told her she was still go to do Kings Row that day.  She sent an email to Dom about it, telling him to meet her there, and then went through her morning routine.

So now she stood, staring out at the sea waiting for Dom to show up, and trying to work everything out in her head.

He was there before she could do much of any thinking really though.

“Alright Rin… act normal… no need to cause a fuss if there’s nothing to cause a fuss about.” She thought as his eyebrows lifted at how she looked.

The air built up with tension for a few seconds which he broke. “Heh, I like… especially the hair.”

“Not like I had any choice in the matter… the gauntlets have a mind of their own.”

“Well they have good taste.”

Ok. Time to do the asking… while it seemed natural… “You didn’t have anything to do with it did you?”

“Huh? Oh… no… I mean, sometimes when I’m around people they change… but its nothing I have control over.”

He didn’t know. Good… maybe there actually was a god… that meant it was time to be playful.

“Maybe it’s better that you don’t… I’d be naked if you had any say…”

He laughed… “Oh but I like you, I’d at least ask you out to dinner first.”

She chuckled and then unconsciously moved her hand to her forehead to where her horns had come in.

“Itch don’t they? At least yours are small…  when mine came in… oh man… not a good week.”

“They’re going to take some getting used to…”

“Yea, ya could always headbutt a few people with them to get used to the fit…”

“Ehm… yeah… I’ll leave that one to you…. Speaking of, we’re gonna be late.”

The robbery couldn’t have gone off better, and afterwards they teamed up with a fellow who went by Claw… who had the look and energy of a Tasmanian devil… the one from the cartoons, not the almost endangered species before. It had been fun, definitely… most of her worries on the subject were totally gone. Now there was just one thing for her to get over before she could move on… Mr. Kyle Archer… alias Lord Stormbow.


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