Moving on…

Nesrin had spent the night going through the file on the gauntlets, it was very informative in the fact that different users had unlocked different powers, none of which seemed to be the same as hers… but still gave her something to explore.  She skimmed past all but the first few bios… not so interesting. William was right, they were all about the same… it made her wonder about Kyle… she couldn’t bring herself to read the section of the file on him yet though, she wasn’t quite ready.  Instead, she flipped on her computer and did a search on Norse mythology books, specifically anything that might mention Audra and Satyr. Not a lot on the internet that wasn’t trash or she didn’t already know though… she’d have to hit the Library at the University the next day.

She was half way through the pile of books she had pulled on Norse Mythology when her cell rang.  It was Dom. They talked for half a minute and he said he’d meet her outside the building. He was already there when she got outside and she froze in her tracks. He’d changed again and she could literally feel the darkness of the demon boiling out of him.


Her whole body went rigid, she hoped he didn’t notice and tried to relax as he told her about the powers he had developed when he had been causing a ruckus with Claw. Her sudden need to curse when he jumped up at least a half of a mile broke the trance her body had gone in… mostly.

“Yeah that’s what I said when it kicked in and I landed in the water behind the boat instead of on the dock.”


“Annnd that’s Claw said… the little bastard.”

She laughed.

“Soooo, whatcha up to?” He probed.

“Oh…  not much, I’m actually feeling fairly restless today… could probably go for bashing some heads in…” It was true enough, she hadn’t been able to discern much from the books she had found in the library.

He got a look on his face when he looked at her when she said that… that longing sort of look that told her he was conflicted about it too.

“Yea… I’ve been feeling… restless too.”

Fuck. Recover time.

“So… the talking radio of doom gave a hint that the Lost have something to loose… Outbreak… wanna come?”

He was agreeable to it… so they went. They got to the location and had headed in when she felt the looming question.

“So. Day…”

“Yea?” Oooh boy… here it comes.

“You never told me…” He paused, as if he really didn’t want to bring it up… come on Dom… out with it.

“Well… you never told me what happened with that guy you used to go with.”

“Oh.” That’s what she thought he was going to ask, she wasn’t sure she was ready to answer… she thought she was but…

“I don’t mean to pry…”

“No its ok…” So she started blurting it all out, and when she was done with that, if it wasn’t enough… she had to mention her insecurities.

Yet… he didn’t reel back in a panic… rather… he got angry on her behalf… and it just wasn’t rage… there was a… sadness behind it.

While the reaction was not what she expected and she found a comfort in it, he had given a lot to think about. They didn’t talk much after, she was busy balancing her thoughts between kill and think modes, and she got the feeling he was doing the same thing.

When she got home that night she glanced at her photo of Kyle and then down to the folder she had left on her desk… she took the photo out of the frame and read… and when she was done, she stored both file and picture away. When she checked her email, it was as if the universe had breathed a sigh of relief, Dom had emailed her… to meet him at the Cap Ferry to Port Oakes at 6:30 the next night.


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