She got there a little before 6:30, and he was already waiting… anxiously it looked like.

“You got my email then.” He said, trying to hide that he was excited.

“Yep, what’s up?”

“I got a surprise… follow me.” He promptly did his super jump thing over the ledge of the port and towards the water. She decided he was really cute when he was excited about something… it would probably scare any one who didn’t know him though. Giant muscled red headed bull horned guy acting like an excited little boy… yeah that’d be scary to most of the people on the pier. She laughed and tried to catch up with him. When she caught up to him, he was standing on the aft of a medium sized sailboat.

From the grin on his face… it was his.

“You like it?”

She spent half a minute examining it. “Are you fucking joking? I love it… I’ve always wanted to go out on a boat.”

He smiled. She loved it when he smiled.

“Its mine, took a bit of persuasion, but a guy who owed me owned it, so after a bit of a beating he gave me the deed… always wanted one.” He grinned again. “Oh, that’s not all…” He ducked in the cabin quick and came out with a basket, in it was a bottle of tequila, two shot glasses, a bottle of wine, and two goblets. He sat everything down and poured two shots of tequila and then filled both goblets of wine. He handed her one of the shots and took the other one. “To friends, partners, and…” He hesitated.

“To us.” She clinked her shot glass with his and then knocked it down. It was the Platinum she typically drank when she was at Pocket D.

“Good stuff huh? I talked to D.J. Zero and he hooked me up with a bottle.”

“Yea… its my favorite… one of the only things I drink when I go there…” She paused a moment. “But you knew that…”

“On your ladies nights?… yeah, Pyr could have told me when I asked him… but he didn’t… I just sorta… knew…. I just know things sometimes..”

<font face=”times new roman,times”><font size=2>He started spilling into what she felt was his own personal disclaimer, she was listening and following where he was going, responding in turn… but it wasn’t the words that she was actually getting… it was the feeling that his heart was just as fragile as hers… and something had broken it once, just as hers had been broken.

“…And my desires are my own… and…I know I look big, mean and scary…” he kind of through his arms up in the  air and gave her that look again, then took a sip of his wine.

OK. That was his disclaimer… he should have hers… She put down her own wine. “Dom… I should tell you something. I found out about the origin of the gauntlets…”

He stopped her. “Oh… interesting… but… before you go on… could I… touch them… I have a feeling…”

She gazed at him for a bit. “I won’t try anything, I promise…” Shit. What the hell could it hurt, if things were going to turn out the way she thought they were, he’d be touching a hell of a lot more then her gauntlets. She held out her arms, and he gently rested his hands on the metal, just above her wrists. Then he started convulsing.

And the prize for cursing like a sailor on a first date goes to Ms. Nesrin Day.

He collapsed before she could react and she found herself kneeling over him, checking his vitals…  His heart was racing, and almost as suddenly as he started convulsing he was standing up again, and she was looking up at him.

“Dom?” He didn’t answer her. She stood up…. “Dom?”

He grabbed her roughly… and she whispered…. “Dominus…” He kissed her and her body felt like it had been hit by lightning. She gasped in the pleasure of it even as he snapped out of whatever trance touching the gauntlets had put him in. He stepped back across to the other side of the boat. “Shit… Rin… I’m sorry…”

She blinked. That was the first time he had called her by her first name. She quickly moved towards him. “I’m not.” She kissed him then.

The tension was gone, but the passion had just warmed up. Until she spoke the fear that she thought he now knew.

“I was just so afraid that what we felt was because of him and her… and not because of us…”

“Yea… I kno… wait… her?”

He didn’t know…  The name would trigger it… had to.


A wave went over him. “Audra… I think… I think I remember”

At that point, she felt the demon coming out, his eyes went black and voice went low… ghastly even.

“Audra….I have found you! Across space and time we are together…”

It was hurting him, she knew, he had talked briefly on it before… only one thing to do so he didn’t become dominant but continued to merge.

She touched Dom’s body gently. “Shh my love… soon we will be together completely, as you become one with him and I become one with her.”

That seemed to sate the demon, and her Dom was back. Hopefully it wouldn’t be a problem again. They finished their wine and after a bit of “pre-foreplay” they decided there wasn’t quite any foreplay better then wonton destruction. One blown up base and some dead Legacy Chain later and they made their way back to the cabin of the boat.

He had promised her that he would make her feel like a woman… and he had, several times over. She hadn’t been exactly sure how long they were at it, but it didn’t matter, every moment of passion with him was a small paradise. As they exhausted themselves into sleep she knew that there was nothing in the universe that could separate them now… she hadn’t believed in soulmates until she met Dom… and now the whole world was at their feet.

When she woke up, she knew the sun had already been up for a few hours, later then she usually woke up… but she didn’t really give a crap when she rolled over to observe Dom who was still sleeping. Some of his hair had fallen into his face and she reached out and moved it out of the way. That’s when she noticed her skin… it was if the pigment had been drawn out… yet… she had a feeling she would never sunburn again.

She kissed Dom lightly on the head and got up, becoming acutely aware she had a new appendage. Oh well. After the horns, a tail was bound to show up… no reason to panic, she kind of expected this really… if a wetdream about Dom gave her horns and bleached her hair out… a tail and bleached skin from actually fucking him wasn’t really all that bad. A trip to the bathroom to examine herself and realized her hair was a bit darker, and the horns had darkened to match the color or the newly grown tail… an actual gold color instead of metallic yellow. She wasn’t unhappy of the way it made her look. She’d need new boots again though, it looked like the gauntlets changed to match her horn and tail colors… Oh well.  She wrote Dom a note and put it on the counter next to the coffee she put on and then leaned over and kissed him one more time before she went out.

It was going to be a good day.


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